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Beautiful & Functional Kitchenware: This German-Indian Brand Has Got You Covered, Hot Chocolate, Books & A Cat: This Quaint European Gem Is Gorgeous, Sip On Some Butterscotch, Chocolate & Paan Tea At This New Kandivali Cafe, Check Out 7 Scripts For A Fun Evening With Friends!, Have Cheesy Fries Dosa, Khali Bali Sandwich With Five Layers Of Cheese At This Eatery, Bubblegum Waffles Or Charcoal Burgers: Take Your Pick At This Kandivali Cafe, Thinking Of A Career In Music? Check Out The Mumbai Music Institute, Beat The Heat: Breathable And Affordable Ethnic Clothing, Floral Printed Shirts, Solid Textures & More: Men, Bookmark This Chic Shirt Brand, Pet Birds Or Guinea Pigs? These Two Vets Are The Only Ones In Mumbai Who Can Help,