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Hot Chocolate, Books & A Cat: This Quaint European Gem Is Gorgeous

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What Makes It Awesome

Mumbai's got an ocean full of innovative cafes and we've lost count now. But when we were told about Magari in Kandivali, and how amazing it is, curiosity got the better of us. What was initially a random walk-in to grab some bites, turned into a love affair. 

Even before we could enter Magari, we were clean bowled by the way the entrance looks. It's got the right kind of blues, laden with bougainvilleas on top. The interior is done up with easy breezy cane furniture, and each table has green glass bottles, a menu card, and a tiny wooden stand that reads '@magaricafe'. There's a staircase that leads to the upper section, and as you climb up, you'll spot a vinyl record on the side after reaching upstairs. What's interesting about the upper section, is the huge window pane. Adorned with soft white curtains, with book-shelves on both sides, it's the perfect corner to grab some hot chocolate (or chai) and hum a song or two, especially during monsoons. Just when we got ourselves the perfect seating area at the cafe, guess who greeted us? Magari's very own Prince, and the cutest cat ever. He's the in-house cat and comes and goes as he pleases. Give the fella a few cuddles while you're here!

Coming to food, we've got only two words for Magari - exceeds expectations! But we will go ahead and elaborate for you. We started the afternoon with their signature hot chocolate (INR 170) which was served thick, with the right balance between milk and cocoa powder. They've got four varieties in this drink, and we've heard that the halzelnut hot chocolate is a bestseller too. Next up was a plate of beetroot hummus with pita bread (INR 210) that was so satisfying to devour into. With eight slices of pita bread, and a lot of hummus, our tummy (and soul) were at peace. We also called for a Fusilli Palomino Pasta (INR 370), which is an in-house specialty, garnished in red and white sauce (You'll want another plate post the first one, trust us) We ended our food marathon with a German Potato Salad (INR 240) which is pure comfort food. An amalgamation of boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, herbs and cream, this one's the showstealer. 

If you're living the vegan life, bookmarking Magari is a good idea because it serves vegan options too. If you're someone with pets and can't do without them while going out, getting them to this pretty European cafe will help. And if you're looking to chill with your tribe in the evenings post-college or work, the cafe's got board games too. We really cannot get over Magari and there are reasons more than one. And it's now re-opened for dine-in.


They do not have chai options on the menu card, but you can go to the counter and ask them for it. We can't wait for the cafe to get back to conducting events over the weekends like movie-screening on their terrace, calligraphy workshops, and tiny music gigs too.