Boots, Rap-Inspired Tees And More: Men, Checked Out Bandra's Link Square Mall Yet?

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When it comes to variety while shopping, its always a struggle for men. There's always a dearth of quality and style, when they need to hunt for things on a budget. But our recent finds at Bandra's Link Square Mall might be a breather for every man who wants to look classy without burning a hole in his pocket. We've listed our favorites from the mall here, take your pick!

Boy Zone

This one's a goldmine for shoes. From sneakers to boots, formal office wear to travel shoes, they've got it all for you. There are floaters too (fashionable ones) in case you're someone who's a hoarder of it. You'll also get suits, jackets, rap-inspired punk tees, and blingy track-pants here. 

Price: INR 1,500 onward for shoes; INR 1,200 onward for apparel. 


Want to add some flowery shirts to your wardrobe? Check the ones at Rockstar. They've got them in lovely colors and patterns and we bought two from them. The quality's bang on too. 

Price: INR 560 onward. 


Abstract does a killer job with its collection of casual jackets for men. We loved the one that's semi-torn on the edges, and is millennial pink in color. They also have these in checks, and our favourite is a red and black jacket, which you can wear with a casual plain tee inside. You can also shop for pants (go for their casual outdoor collection.)

Price: INR 800 onward for the jackets.  

Shoe Point

Another favourite for shoes, this one stores pretty sneakers, sport shoes and sliders with quirky quotes written on them. All of this, on a budget. 

Price: INR 1,200 onward. 

Super Fly

Their blingy jackets with artwork on the sleeves is right out of a rap-battle and if you love all things sparkly, this shop's for you, friend. You could also go for their different shades of fashionably torn jeans. 

Price: INR 2,000 onward for the jackets. 


We love their tees and trousers. They've got quirky animal prints, cartoon characters, and the ones with some pop-art, is our favourite. Go here to stock up on some regular-wear clothes. 

Price: INR 400 onward for the tees; INR 1,500 onward for the trousers. 


The third floor of Link Square mall is full of small shops for men. The ones mentioned in the list are our favorites, however, feel free to take your own pick when you shop from the mall. Also, do not forget to engage into some bargaining with the shopkeepers.