Spice It Up: Where To Get The Best & The Most 'Tikhat' Misal Pav In The City

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We are all huge foodies when it comes to misal pav. Diving into plates filled with that spicy, red hot misal served with soft pav is one of our favourite indulgences, and if you’re a misal lover like us, here are a list of places that you absolutely must visit! 

Aaswad, Dadar

Easily the most popular joint for misal pav, this legendary restaurant has been a hit with those who love Maharashtrian as well as south Indian food. Affordable rates, quick service and great taste make Aaswad a hot favourite. The misal here can get really spicy, so go prepared.

Cost: INR 70 for a plate 

Mamledar Misal (Multiple Outlets)

Mamledar Misal in Thane serves a mean misal, and by that we mean spice so hot, it’ll make you tear up! So let them know your tolerance levels so that you can enjoy the great tasting misal that they serve. If you can’t handle spice at all and still want to eat a plate, go for their dahi misal.

Cost: INR 70 for a plate 

Mama Kane, Dadar

Located near the Dadar railway station, this establishment makes for a great place to enjoy a quick snack, be it vada pav and chai, or a plate of misal. The misal here is super spicy, and some of the best we’ve enjoyed in the neighbourhood! 

Cost: INR 70 for a plate 

Anand Bhuvan Hotel, Lower Parel

Spicy, non-spicy, medium-spicy, there is something for every misal lover here! This misal is served hot, and extra spices are always added in- so if you’re not a big fan of spices, you can ask them to serve you a plate without the added spices. 

Cost: INR 50 for a plate 

Vinay Health Home, Charni Road

This legendary restaurant has been ,serving great quality Maharashtrian food for decades now, and the loyalists swear by the misal pav here. Their misal pav is in fact one of our favourites - it’s served a little sweet, and the level of spiciness can be customised. You can choose from dahi misal, puneri misal, special misal and sweet dahi misal. 

Cost: INR 70 for a plate 

Café Bharat, Churchgate

A quick pitstop for breakfast at Café Bharat is a great way to start the day. The misal here comes highly recommended, and is for those who love spicy Maharashtrian cuisine. They even serve dahi misal for those who don’t like too much spice. 

Cost: INR 50 for a plate

Suruchi Misal House, Thane

Known to serve some of the spiciest misal in town, Suruchi Misal House is a popular choice with misal lovers. They serve Kolhapuri misal, Puneri misal and even a misal for upwaas (fasting.)

Cost: INR 60 for a plate 

Hotel Popular, Ghatkopar

Hotel Popular in Ghatkopar is quite well known for misal pav, and is seen buzzing with guests enjoying plates and plates of this spicy dish. Pair this up with tea and you’ve got yourselves a great breakfast! They also serve dahi misal. 

Cost: INR 80 for a plate

Panshikar Mithai Kendra, Girgaum

Apart from this joint being iconic for its sweets like shrikhand, kaju katlis, gulab jamuns, modaks, and different varieties of laddoos, they have special fasting foods like sabudana vada and farali misal. Panshikar is a household name for traditional Maharashtrian farali dahi misal and we love every bite of it. We bet you'll ask or more tarri! 

Price: INR 105 per plate (delivery only)