Don’t Have An AC? 5 Cool Products To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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In these hot and humid months, it’s tempting to find a frigid zone at home and park yourself there. While some of us use ACs, for those of us who don’t have it, there’s a lot you can do. These solutions are rental-friendly, and some of these products will work even during an untimely power cut!

Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

Portable Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan


On a hot summer day, a misting fan can be your best friend. The fan blows a mist of water into the air and the mist evaporates, taking heat from the air with it. It’s small so you can carry it around with you at home or even at work.

Price: INR 1,390

Khus Curtains

The Vetiver Aromatic Herbal Khus Curtains

The Vetiver Aromatic Herbal Khus Curtains


What’s summer without khus to cool you down? You can pick up khus curtains that can help keep your home temperature down, cooling your place as well as making it smell great. Brownie points for dust protection too.

Price: INR 650 onwards

Heat Reflective Roof Coating

Heat Reflective Roof Coating

Heat Reflective Roof Coating

This non-toxic solar reflective coating reflects UV and infra-red rays so that your home is cool in the summers. It’s a roof coating that helps reduce the room temperature, so it’s a great investment during this season.

Price: You can calculate the amount of paint required on their website and buy accordingly. Their paint starts from INR 400 for 1 liter.


Absorbia Moisture Absorber Ultimate Dehumidifier

Absorbia Moisture Absorber Ultimate Dehumidifier


Summers can be exceptionally hot and it becomes impossible to feel comfortable because of the sticky environment. Eliminate that irritable moisture from your surroundings with a dehumidifier. These work marvelously in the summer to generate a drier and more relaxed environment. Powered with activated carbon and natural ingredients, they can also be doubled up to remove unwanted odour.

Price: INR 520

This Adorable Desktop AC!

NL TRADERS-Mini Portable Air Cooler

NL TRADERS-Mini Portable Air Cooler


Don't want to switch on the AC when you're at your desk, or need a WFH-friendly solution for a room without AC? Then you must check out this cute, space-effective mini "AC". This dainty but powerful product works on battery, and is charged via USB. Since it's not made by a name brand, it's a bit of a gamble, but we do think it's great to use in a pinch, and is quite eco-friendly, as well.

Price: INR 2,700

Pro Tips To Keep In Mind

While all of these products will help with making even the hottest summer days a lot more pleasant, we've got some golden pro-tips for you to make sure you can (literally) keep your cool!

1. Keep your windows cracked open, just a bit.
Allow ventilation, but don't open them all the way. You'll just end up letting in more humidity.

2. Get some plants in your balcony or windowsill
Honestly? We'd get these just for aesthetic reasons, but plants really do help with the heat. Get larger plants that will offer shade, add some fresh O2 to your home, and make the air feel a lot less stagnant. Bonus points if you can score an aloe vera or two— apply the gel on your skin for maximum cooling, or conjure up a sharbat for cooling from within!

3. Keep the curtains shut in the afternoon
While letting in direct sunlight is always a good thing, letting it in during the afternoon is a sure-shot way to make the inside of your home feel like a pizza oven. Keep the curtains mostly shut between 12-3:30 PM to ensure you keep the heat out, and your home is bound to feel cooler.

4. Mop 2x a day
Now this is a hack that's tedious, but REALLY helps. If you have help, this is no biggie. In case you don't, we recommend stepping away from your laptop and setting aside 10 minutes to give your home (or room) an old-fashioned pochha.
Bonus points if you catch nooks, crevices and shelves that are collecting dust—because that can make heat, worse, too!

5. Throw Some Water On Your Rooftop Or Terrace 

An age-old trick to cooling down the entire building is to splash lots of water on the rooftop during the cooler parts of the evenings, especially if you live on the highest floor. While this is not possible for many people, it's still a nice trick to have up your sleeve for when you need it.