This Natural Brand Has Moroccan-Style Soap Paste And Nourishing Hair Butters

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Raw Beauty

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What Makes It Awesome

I've spent years buying supermarket beauty products, mostly because they are convenient, cheap and do the job fairly well. However, over time I have discovered that I would much rather invest a little bit more in choosing products that are better for me as well as the environment. So begins the search for clean beauty. 

That's why I'm always happy when I find a brand that makes skincare and daily essentials, the natural and organic way. While on the hunt, I stumbled upon Raw Beauty. And while browsing through their products I realised that their range encompasses a lot more than just skincare - natural toothpowders, natural deos, healing salves, facial cleansers, body polish, soap paste and more. I've currently got my eye on their No Fuss Cleanser with cucumber, melon and vetiver (INR 1,099) and the Beldi Soap, a Moroccan-style soap paste made with wood ash lye and macerated olives (INR 899) and their Grandma, a milk thistle and ginseng infused hair butter - no more messy hair oils!

What I enjoyed about their products is that while they are traditional in their ingredients and the fact that they are handmade, they have quite a few rather unique and different products that I'm definitely excited to try out myself! Plus, usually wild-harvested and organic skincare tends to be pretty pricey - these seem on the more affordable range of natural skincare.


They ship pan-India and levy a shipping charge between INR 100 to INR 200.