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This Is What Versova Beach Looks Like After 3.11 Million Kilos Of Trash Was Removed

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Possibly one of the dirtiest beaches in Mumbai, Versova beach now stands clean and all thanks to the residents and Versova Residents’ Volunteers {VRV} who took matters into their hand. We checked it out and come back with the report.

From Then To Now: What's Changed?

Following a dedicated clean-up drive that involved volunteers and residents, Versova beach is now clean, as reported by Hindustan Times first. Following the news, we decided to go check it out. Indeed, the beach is clean and isn’t drowned in trash and garbage {the initial outrage for the drive}.

The beach drive was initiated by lawyer and leader of clean the beach campaign, Afroz Shah. In terms of figures, back in October 2016 at Week 52, a total of 3.11 million kgs {over 31 lakh kg} of plastic, glass and other beach trash, which is nearly one-third of the daily garbage generated in Mumbai was collected by the VRV.

In fact, such is the achievement of this feet, that the United Nations Environment Programme {UNEP} awarded Mr Shah, “Champions of the Eart award” at Cancun in Mexico. He is the first Indian to receive this award.

So, We're Saying...

The beach is an essential livlihood of the Versova Koli village, and a part of the Versova residents. After 85 weeks of regular weekend cleans ups, mobiling volunteers and spreading awareness for the same has resulted in a beautiful and a clean beach. We’re hoping the people visiting the beach are aware of the effort that’s been put in, and encourage people to not throw trash or garbage there. Enjoy a lovely beach day out here.

The clean-ups happen regularly, and you can stay updated with the Facebook page here.