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Must-See: These 'Natural Potholes' In Maharashtra Are Staggeringly Beautiful

    What Is It?

    The strange Nighoj potholes {which can be found in a small village in Maharashtra} form a completely unreal sight. These potholes are huge circular holes, cavities or depressions formed in the basalt rocks by the the river bed of Kukdi river. As luck has it, we can make a day-trip of it to visit this natural phenomenon from Mumbai and back.

    Where Is It?

    Nighoj. That’s the name of the village, and that’s the name these minuscule crater-like potholes go by. Nighoj is located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, and is accessible by road from Mumbai and Pune.

    What Is Unique About It?

    The river, erosion and other natural processed have carved these spectacular natural potholes into the rocks, and are one of a kind, at least in Maharashtra.

    How Do I Get There?

    You would get there by road, via the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Nighoj is actually farther than Pune, so from Mumbai is around 215 km away, and 90 km from Pune.

    What Should I Carry?

    Sorry to be your mother, but don’t forget to carry some food with you – besides the rocks, and a temple nearby this isn’t a tourist location with food options available. Carry comfortable shoes for walking in the village and on the rocks, too.

    Anything Else?

    There is a temple called the Maalganga Goddess temple in the village to visit as well. It’s best to give your trip a head start by starting your journey early in the morning, taking a look around here and not sticking around post sunset. Also, do travel in a group of two or more people as it isn’t a frequently visited spot.