There's A Fridge In The Streets Of Versova You Can Stock With Food To Help The Needy

Jayati posted on 07 May


Back in January 2017, the Versova Welfare Association installed a community refrigerator in the suburbs and it’s Mumbai’s first ever community fridge.

What We Love

The community fridge has been installed outside the Shiv Temple in Versova, and has been donated by the association’s President, Gopal Hegde.

A first of its kind in Mumbai, this community fridge is stocked with food by the residents of the area for the people who are in need of food and cannot afford it. It’s a kind step taken by the welfare association of Versova to prevent food wastage and help the needy.

The community fridge is looked after by the residents, and is regularly re-stocked with food. It works in a very simple manner – if you’d like to come and donate food, you can simply walk up there and do so. A CCTV camera has been installed as well to keep a check on it, along with disposable plates and spoons that are available there. The idea behind it is to ensure that people in dire need of food can simply walk in here, and eat to their heart’s content as oppose to begging on the streets.

So, We're Saying...

It’s a lovely initiative by the residents of Versova to help those in need. How can you help? You can make donations in kind to the community fridge. They also accept donations on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays wherein families can come in and drop of food in bulk. If you have left over food from a dinner party or made something in excess, you go and drop it off there.

The restaurants have been contributing as well – as they drop off the left-over food instead of throwing it off.