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Online Courses To Take Up To Be Super Productive While On Quarantine

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Isn’t it great that the internet has made so many things accessible to us? Especially during times when we aren't really able to step out, but want to stay connected to the world. Thanks to some courses that are provided online, we can go to college, learn a new skill and work, all from our home (with a laptop and a super fast WiFi though). So if you've been considering the online route as far as education is concerned, here are some websites to help you out! 

Languages At Cambridge Institute

Cambridge Institute offers the option of e-learning, enabling students to take up languages through lectures online. The modules are easy to understand, and are available for French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi and English. The lectures are taught by experts, and students are given flexibility of location and time to complete the course.

Price: Contact them via their website for pricing for online courses

P.S: They also have classes at their center in Mumbai where you can sign up for weekend courses if you're a working professional.

Facebook Marketing at IIDE

If you wish to learn how to create Facebook Ads and make a career in Facebook Advertising, here is a good option for you. You’ll understand the ad formats, designs, tips and tricks, and master the art of advertising on Facebook. This course will also help you understand mobile advertising. Classes are conducted over video over 2 hours, and a certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the course.

Price: This course will cost you INR 800 

Masters From edX

Affordable, flexible and informative, these online courses have been designed for busy professional who’d like to enjoy flexibility of time and location while learning. This website offers online courses for a master’s degree, and you can choose from a variety of fields like nutrition, health, engineering, operation, finance and much more, that can be pursued online from a Harvard, a University of Texas and many more reputed names. 

Price: Prices are generally in USD and range from USD 10,000-25,000 for Masters Programs

Basic Photography With twenty19

15 chapters of this online course will make you understand the technicalities of photography. This foundation course covers the basics of photography, and helps understand flash photography as well as lighting too. This course is for beginners and amateur photographers who want to learn how to use their camera to shoot professional standard photos.

Price: This course costs INR 1,999 

P.S: Twenty19 also offers online courses in programming, digital marketing, web design, finance, marketing, resume writing and a lot more. 

Jewellery Designing at Online Jewellery Designing Course

This website offers students online courses in 2D and 3D jewellery designing. 2D designing is taught on photoshop and illustrator while 3D is taught on Jewel CAD/CAM(Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing) Students can enjoy flexibility of time and location. The courses are interactive too. There is an online training skill assessment module that helps design a training program for each student.

Price: The fees start from INR 15,000 

Fashion Designing at AOnlineTraining

Aonlinetraining gives you the chance to learn fashion designing through an online course, and you are also awarded with a diploma certificate by the end of the course. This is an interactive fashion designing course that uses Photoshop as well as Coreldraw, and is great for those who’re interested in stepping into this field. 

Price: This course is priced at INR 20,000

P.S: They also offer other courses like jewellery designing, web designing and other multimedia courses.

Machine Learning At upGrad

From a 6-month program to an 18-month program, this machine learning online course on upGrad helps you do an in-depth research. They offer diploma and certificate courses and you study for around 15 hours a week. You could also sign up for data science, management, digital marketing and software. 

Price: They charge INR 2,85,000 for a 1.5 year course

Master The Art Of Digital Marketing

This is perhaps the most interesting of all courses that anyone can take and earn good money in doing so. This 12 course in 1 program from Udemy basically will get you started on growing an online business from scratch, affiliate marketing, SEO, how to make a website, and a lot more. To top it all, they are currently running an offer where the entire program is being offered at INR 426 only. I say, go ahead and take it up, I have. 

Free Management Course From IIM

This isn't clickbait, IIM Bangalore actually offers a range of free management courses online. From accounting, analytics, relationship management, to corporate finance, statistics, and a lot more. Classes will start soon, so sign up now. 

Become An Ethical Hacker

Yes, wear the white hat people and do some good. Without you even knowing it, there are tons of daily attacks across the world on systems like healthcare, governance, banking companies, and more. And people who are at the forefront of fighting these attacks are ethical hackers who try to figure out problems in the system before others could take advantage of it. They are all in rage. There’s a course to becoming an ethical hacker from scratch available online at just INR 420. Also, if you want some motivation, here’s a story of a hero;’ well, at least not a villain {you can decide}, that may inspire you.

Fiction Writing

The more you write, the more you realize, you can always do better. So, here’s a course, that is free and more importantly, will help you get started on fiction writing. 


We know that the demand for good animators is huge, and the pay, even better. So, if you have an imagination and a flair for storytelling, we suggest you give animation a try. There are a range of courses under animation for you to start with at skillshare.

Coding & Essentials

If you aren’t paying attention, coding basically rules our life. It’s the art of solving problems with programming. And it’s everywhere. Phones, apps, laptops, basically everything online that works, has a system of code behind it. And you can go from developing simple apps to full-scale systems, all designed to solve a problem. Whether you are starting from scratch or know a lot already, this is one field where learning never stops. 

Learn A New Language

I know, the older you get, the tougher it gets to pick on a new language. However, if you are only patient, put in the time, you can easily get a hang of it. Other than showing off to friends, a new language has many other advantages. It opens up an entirely new way to think. It’s true. We think in the language we know of, and sometimes, it may get limiting. So, learning a new language opens up an entirely new of looking at things, not to mention, languages like Mandarin, are already in huge demand. So, go ahead and learn something new.