This Mumbai-Based Home Chef Has Got The Yummiest Dips For Your Chips

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Yours Diply

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you're a full-time snacker or a crazy foodie like me (who's can eat time anytime, literally) - dips and spreads have always been our go-to! They're quick. Require zero effort. And most importantly, they're fulfilling. Manali Parmar, a home chef and founder of Yours Diply, will surely agree. Founded in October 2020, this lockdown baby specialises in fresh and homemade dips and gourmet spreads.  

Currently, she's offering four types of hummus and dips respectively. If you're a fan of hummus, you can opt for their classic hummus, pesto, beetroot and spicy paprika. For dips, she's offering carrot, olive & cream cheese, spring onion and pav bhaji. While I'd always go for their pesto hummus and cream cheese, it was the pav bhaji dip that caught my attention. Which means, if you're too lazy to actually prepare the dish, open up this dip and get some bread, and ta-da! You're sorted! So, if you're in the mood to experiment, order this one. 

To ensure every box delivered to you is fresh, she prepares these in small batches. So make sure you're placing your order 24 hours before you need the dips. Oh, and if you're looking for jain options, she's happy to prepare that for you too!


Look out for fun puns on their packaging! For instance, Pesto Hummus (basilly the besto), Olive & Cream Cheese (we olive it), Spring Onion (onion mark, get, set...order!) 

Brownie points for that!