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In A Hurry? Get Yummy, Portable & Portion Controlled Desserts Here!

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Desserts on the Go is a novel, one of a kind concept which focuses on solving the problem of portability and messy hands while eating desserts.

You can check them out at their website. The 4 pillars DOTG stands on is Portability, Pure Chocolate, 100% Vegetarian and Portion Control

They deliver across Mumbai

What do we do when we want to have desserts on the run without messy hands or spillages? What do we do when we crave sweets but want to live guilt-free and control the portion size? The answer is simple - Desserts on The Go

These yummy, tasty treats come in innovative variants like Burger Cakes, Waffle Cakes, Mini Cakes and Bar Cakes. Made with pure couverture chocolate, these desserts not just using high-quality ingredients but are also made with standard, hygienic processes in a well-controlled environment. The end product is safe and untouched by hands.

We tried the following :

Belgian Chocolate Dessert Cake

Shaped like a burger, with buns made of dark chocolate with a Belgian chocolate ganache in the centre, this dish is a star! The moment we took a bite, we understood why it's a best seller. Soft, gooey and absolutely delicious!

Choco Vanilla Mini Cake:

For any purist who likes a quintessential vanilla cake, this one is the best choice! Soft and spongy vanilla cake with a layer of delectable Chocolate filling in between. The portion size is perfect for someone who is health-conscious but also loves desserts!

Red Velvet Mini Cake:

A slice of heaven, literally. With all-natural ingredients (the red colour is from beetroots!), this mini cake is surreal, with a generous amount of cream cheese in the centre.

Choco Vanilla Waffle Cake

Creamy cake in Waffle style, Who would have thought! It looks exactly like a waffle and tastes extremely yum! Two layers of sponge cake, with pure couverture chocolate in the centre. This is literally the best way to eat a waffle - in cake form!

All in all, Desserts on the Go has to be our go-to place for desserts of any kind. Desserts come in all shapes and sizes but the shapes and sizes of DOTG is just perfect and we are sure we won't stop at just one dessert