Nothing Fishy About Them: Home-Delivery Seafood Services You Can Trust

It’s a blue world out there. The lockdown doesn’t end and neither does the craving for some delicious Goan curry, or maybe some fried prawns or machher jhol. But how does one do this if oen's idea of a Sunday morning is not being in the fish market with one foot in water, cats running around and too many flies to shoo away? Not to mention, stepping out seems close to a nightmare anyway with the pandemic upon us.

If you don’t wish to venture out into the markets, trust these delivery services to provide you with clean and fresh seafood. Here, we’ve picked some tried and trusted services which will help you satiate your hunger.


Trusted for years by Mumbai fish-lovers, and one of the first in the market, Pescafresh can boast of a long list of patrons who swear by the quality of their fish. Again, they deliver seawater, freshwater, shellfish and exotic fish, cut, cleaned and customized to our liking. Their prompt delivery and service, say their patrons, is one of the best in the market.

You can call them up to order. They deliver across Mumbai, so call for your nearest branch.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, operating hours are limited and we urge you to confirm before placing an order.

Off The Hook

It may not house as many options as its competitors, but Off The Hook has managed to impress many who’ve ordered fresh and packaged fish from them. Apart from home deliveries, they also have their own store in South Mumbai, in case you wish to see the fish first hand.

Contact Number: 9819055705

Fresh Fish Mumbai

Fresh Fish Mumbai packages your order and delivers it on the same day, so you get the freshest of the fresh produce in a hygienic manner. You can order a variety of fish including pomfret, Indian salmon, tuna, prawns etc. 

They also have no shipping charges (over INR 500). 


Present across various categories of export quality seafood, Fresh Fish India has been around for a while and has become one of the more trusted home delivery seafood options. We liked how easy the website is to navigate, as well as the good quality of the fish.

Halal Box

If you, like us, love your fish fresh and cut into pieces of our choice, it doesn’t get better than The Halal Box. This home delivery service provides all kinds of fish - Indian (freshwater and seawater) customized to your liking and delivered with neat, vacuum packing that helps it last longer. Apart from fish, they also deliver all kinds of meat right at our doorstep, making our life doubly better and a whole lot easier.


Machiwala is a go-to option for many in the city. They have a lot of variants in their seafood category (even squid!), with 3 types of prawns and 4 types of lobsters, you’re sure to get something exotic here. They also have ready to cook packets for chicken and different pieces of chicken available in hygienic and neat packaging.