How Many Of These Lesser-Known Spots In Mumbai Have You Visited?

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Mumbai might be a lot about glamour, parties, hustle and all that jazz, but if you look closely, there are a bunch of places that are still quite hidden from the public eye. We went around town looking for some of these hidden places and experiences and came up with this list. Read it and then put on your travel shoes. 

Hasnabad Dargah, Byculla

If you’re on the lookout for a cultural experience that is also a refreshing break from the chaos of the city, plan a visit to this Dargah in Byculla. You’ll be introduced to a world rich in culture, history and beauty at this architectural marvel right in the buzzing city of Mumbai.

P.S: Do keep in mind that only the Aga Khani Khojas are permitted to pay respects to the grave of Hasan Ali Shah. But you can always visit it and marvel it's beauty from outside. 

Gilbert Hill, Andheri

A volcanic eruption that took place more than 66 million years ago has given rise to this gigantic monolithic rock that draws in nature lovers around town. This 200 feet tall structure also has 2 Hindu temples on top, and offers breath-taking views of the city’s skyline.

P.S: Wear comfortable shoes as climbing this one is quite a workout.

A Sex Toy Street In Fort

Did you know you could pick up massagers, lubricants, and vibrators right from a street in Fort? Yes, close to Horniman Circle in Fort is this street selling sex toys, right out in the open. 

P.S: This street is basically the entire footpath outside our beloved Kitab Khana at Flora Fountain

Maharashtra Nature Park, Dharavi

This 37-acre land was once Mumbai’s largest dumping grounds, and has been restored to form this gorgeous forest park. If you’re a nature lover, we suggest you head down to check out the variety of trees, birds and butterflies that you might find here, right in the middle of cosmopolitan Mumbai. 

P.S: The park opens at 8:30 AM and shuts by 3:30 PM, and you pay INR 20 as your entry fee (even lesser, if you're a student) 

Golfa Devi Mandir, Worli

This 800-year-old fishing village in Mumbai, The Worli Koliwada, is home to one of Mumbai’s best-kept secrets. The Golfa devi Temple has been known to grant wishes to the members of the fisherman community, so much so that they take her permission before heading out to sea! We recommend a visit to see the beauty and magic of faith. One very interesting fact about this temple is that the fishermen, before venturing into rough waters, seek permission from the deity and she seems to answer with a yes or no. Golfa Devi is known as the speaking Goddess in Worli. 

Banganga Tank, Malabar Hill

This is a tank that was built in 1127 AD. Visit to see the beauty of architecture, the quaint homes that peacefully surround this lake, and to enjoy the slow-paced life in this secluded part of the buzzing metropolis. Lined by temples, the tank is like a small alcove away from the city. We can well imagine coming here to spend the day alone with our thoughts.

Lush Green Farms & Gardens, Vile Parle

If you’re a nature lover or love to surround yourself with succulents and plants at work and at home, this nursery comes highly recommended! This nursery is actually an extension of a plastic store, with a muddy path that leads to this green nursery where you’ll find everything from herbs to medicinal plants to succulents. 

P.S: They also have maintenance services, they’ll send a maali to your house who will look after the plants.

Chhota Kashmir of Aarey Colony

An instant shift from concrete to massive greenery, this tiny heaven in Goregoan is sure to remind you of Jammu and Kashmir. Head to this place with your gang for a fun boat ride. When you start breathing in the trees and soak some sunlight peeping through the trees, it makes you feel stabilised in this fast-moving city.

P.S: A 30-minute boat ride will cost you approximately INR 50 and render peace for the rest of the day.

Bassein Fort, Vasai

Vasai Fort aka Bassein Fort (its original Portuguese name) is a splendid one-day getaway with abandoned churches and a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea. The fort is done up in parts- into a church, a chapel, and then the long stretch of the fort itself. Walk around a bit, climb up the stairs at the main church and you can see the beautiful blue Arabian sea against the backdrop of the setting sun.