Pretty & Affordable: A Guide To Faux Jewellery Shopping This Festive Season

You know, to avoid those fancy-ass stores that sell you stone jewellery for INR 5,000 because it was picked up from the riverbeds of Meghalaya {or some other made-up story}. If you’re buying faux, buy it for cheap.

Silver Streak

Silver Streak in Bandra has big, ornate necklaces, large silver necklaces which work as statement pieces, silver bangles with minakari, hand-carved silver earrings, silver earrings with faux ruby, kundan earrings, silver chandbalis, two tone silver pendants, and more at reasonable prices starting at INR 300. Read more here.


Silver Streak

Joanna Building, Shop 4, Manuel Gonsalves Road, Bandra West, Mumbai



Filigree – a small store with wooden steps right before Café Zoe, is a bit of an underdog in the jewellery world. They also have cutlery, clutches and more to be gawked at, after you’re done with earrings.Their earrings start at INR 100 and silver earrings are available at INR 700. We told you about them here.

Curio Cottage

In action since 1971, Curio Cottage is an old favourite with the brand loyalits. Earrings here start INR 1,200 upwards, neck-pieces start INR 3,800 upwards while the rings start at INR 1,000 upwards. Read more here.


Chimbai, the village with a character near St.Andrew’s Church in Bandra is home to On My Own, an ethnic wear store popular for its designs. Their jewellery section is also revered for the collection. A bit on the expensive side but adept at satiating your thirst for quirky jewellery. Read more here.


O.M.O - On My Own - Omo Boutique

Serpis Villa, Ground Floor, 53, Behind St. Andrews Church, Bandra West, Mumbai



Yes, it’s popular and yes, it’s as awesome as it was 15 years ago. That’s precisely why we went to Causeway and dug out some of the fine designs for cheap {we live for bargaining}. Check it out here.

Zaveri Bazaar

No time to spend money on junk jewellery? We have your back with Zaveri Bazaar. With statement pieces at INR 100, this is for those who don’t get attached to jewellery. Wear it for 3 months and then change. We gave you a detailed tour of the market here.