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We've Found Blue Ceramic Plates That're Microwave Safe!

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Turkish Clay

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What Makes It Awesome

I'm a big sucker for blue pottery! Whether it comes in the form of planters or cutlery, these beauties never fail to add a chic traditional and royal touch to your space. The pattern, the rich hue and the glossy finish - always makes blue pottery stand out compared to other forms of ceramics. Turkish Clay is one such e-store that offers a great collection of ceramics. A good chunk of their collection includes classy blue ceramic dinner and quarter plates. 

This one's a personal fave! A set of two, it will cost you INR 700, which is not much considering the piece of art you're bringing home. Their other plates start at INR 500 and upwards and are dishwasher and microwave safe too! Their other patterns revolve around the half-n-half plate, spiral, almond-shaped plate, florals and more.  

So, if you're looking to upgrade your dining set with something classy yet affordable, you know what needs to make its way to your car.