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7 White Tees To Pair Your Favourite Denims With

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They're timeless. They're #CelebApproved. And most importantly, they are comfortable and versatile. Classic white tees are one wardrobe staple which simply refuses to go off trend. And, thanks to Kendall Jenner (who loves her white tees), we're convinced that this is an easy way to ace the street-style look. 

Wear it on your loose boyfriend jeans, jazz it up with a jacket/blazer or tuck it in a skirt, you can legit pick a new look every week. We're listing down 7 white tees every woman must have in their closet.  

For Those Who Love Oversized Tees

Women "Kindness Bar Code" Graphic Solid Oversized T-Shirt


Raise your hand if you've stolen your boyfriend's sweatshirt! (Haha!) This oversized t-shirt with a "Kindness Bar Code" graphic is perfect for a road trip, airports or a casual coffee plan even. 

To Elevate The Look: Wear this tee with a pair of black leggings and white sneakers (here's a great white sneaker option)   

For A Vacay With Your Girlfriends

Women 'Girls Are Great' Solid T-Shirt


Hitting the road with your girlfriends? Or simply planning a weekend vacay for some bonding? This is the tee for you, as it's not only comfy but also gram-friendly!

To Elevate The Look: Style this with a denim skirt or a chic white ruffle shorts

For Slaying That White Tee-Denim Look

Women Comfy White Tee Graphic T-Shirt


3 words: "Comfy White Top" - need more convincing, folks?    

To Elevate The Look: Pair it with a bright coloured & printed hairband. (this red one or the striped blue one is your safest bet)

For The Solo Travellers (aka #PatakaGuddi)

Women White Intrepid Tee


Yep. This one looks a lot like the classic Levis white tee. It's got a lovely bright red graphic with the word 'Intrepid' printed, which means fearless and adventurous.  

To Elevate The Look: Pair it with a denim jacket (refer: the second image)

For "Main Apni Favourite Hoon" Types

Women Mephobia' White T-Shirt


Haha! This one's a fun white tee with "Mephobia" printed on it. Before you Google, it's a 'fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everybody dies'. Think this suits your personality, go ahead! Cart it, stat. 

To Elevate The Look: Def wear it with a smart blazer or jacket. It will make the tee look 10 times smarter. 

For The Always Optimistic Folks

Women Create Graphic T-Shirt


Vibrant. Positive. And Happy. This white tee is ideal for a casual coffee plan, shopping spree or just a late-night drive with bae. 

To Elevate The Look: Tuck it into funky hopper pants!                  

For Those Who Hoard H&M Basics

Women Curved Hem Detail Solid Basic Round Neck T-Shirt


Let's end it with that perfect white basic without any text or graphics. Every closet def needs one of these. 

To Elevate The Look: Wear it under a funky crop top or pair it with a ruffled skirt

Pro Tip

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