Love Minimal & Statement Jewelry? Then You've Got To Bookmark Teatro Dhora

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What Makes It Awesome

We're always in awe and admiration when it comes to good jewelry. Especially the ones that are minimal yet create a statement. And our search ends at Dhora, a brand from Rajasthan that retails a mix of artisan-made leather goods, including bags, hip flasks, costume jewelry, accessories and cotton and linen clothes. As a part of their brand, Teatro Dhora is their very own concept store for elegant jewelry and here's why we love it so much! 

Teatro Dhora is a minimalist Indie Jewelry brand that has a free-spirited take on its designs. Molding classic art into contemporary frames, it is an enticing mélange of Indian karigari. They do earrings, rings, pendants and necklaces that define a contemporary woman. We particularly love the coin and bee charm detailed gold necklaces that start at INR 2,500. The gold-studded choker isn't too bad either. Let's move on to describing how elegant the Himalayan pendants are. They come in black and white, and will cost you INR 2,250. The beauty of Teatro Dhora's earrings lie in their shapes- they're abstract, asymmetrical, geometric and spiral. We love the petal-shaped one too. 

In case you like stocking up on rings, you can go for their black or white vertical linear enamel rings, or the zig-zag one. They won't cost a fortune and are real value-for-money. Teatro Dhora must be bookmarked if chic and elegance is your thing or for times when you want to gift classy jewelry to someone! 


If you aren't into long earrings, go for their cute gold studs.