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What Makes It Awesome

We've all seen our grandmother's and sometimes even mom's using copper and cast iron vessels in the kitchen. And there's no doubt that traditional cookware is ideal for cooking home-style meals the best.

That's where this homeware start-up, Indus Valley comes in. Their cookware is made from natural materials like wood, clay, cast iron, and soapstone and is free from chemicals. Made for the modern lifestyle, we loved that their designs go beyond a simple karahi to more options like frying pans, skillets, and tawas. Plus, they've got a selection of copper bottles that make incorporating this ayurvedic tradition easy in the contemporary lifestyle. We especially have our eye on their handmade hammered copper jug that comes with a lid for easy storage (INR 1500) and the pure copper bottle (INR 939) with a spill-proof cap.

We're not too thrilled with the run-of-the-mill non-stick pans that scrape off and are coated with chemicals that might affect the taste of the food, so we're excited to come across an Indian-made brand that makes cast-iron pans that work for our style of cooking. Prices start around INR 2,500 for the single vessels. They also have sets of two and three available. 


Remember to follow tempering instructions and care for your vessel when you get it. This will help the kitchenware last longer.