Unearth Dharavi's Treasures Sitting At Home with DharaviMarket.com

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What Makes It Awesome

Regarded as Asia’s largest slum and the location of flourishing leather and other hand-crafted industries, Dharavi has a website, DharaviMarket.com, where you can shop all their goods online. Dharavi is probably known more for its shanties and poverty ridden families living there which by default gives it the status of Asia’s largest slum. However, for people who have been living in Mumbai for a while have come to know of Dharavi as a hidden gem for its leather making industries – making designer bags, shoes, belts and even clay pots and so much more. So if you wanted to buy things from Dharavi, you’d have to personally go there – which can often put people of. But with DharaviMarket.com, a website that aims to bridge the gap between the manufacturer {that is the craftsmen and artisans} and the buyers now you can sit at home and buy beautifully handcrafted leather products and clay pots and even raw materials online. 

This was started off by Megha Gupta in 2012. By buying directly from the website, you’re paying the craftsmen the money they deserve and in turn making sure all the middlemen are eliminated. This means they earn more money and as seen in the video here, one grasps the concept of how they can actually afford to take the time off on weekends and go out with the families. Plus, they are ensured to get regular orders from the website. By taking Dharavi to the digital space, Megha has got them on a global level since they also ship worldwide.

They have gorgeous leather jackets, bags, belts, shoes, accessories like mobile phone covers and what not. The list is endless. Want to buy watches? They have it all. You can also buy stuff in bulk!

Boost the artisans of Dharavi by buying products from Dharavi Market. All of the products are subject to quality inspection, so be assured they’ll be as how they appear in the photos. In addition to this, you’re also supporting the hard-working community of Dharavi by buying their products directly from there.