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One In A Melon: Health Freaks, Say Hello To This Homegrown Juice Label

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What Makes It Awesome

As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that's exactly what Michelle Bauer did. Quite literally! When she shifted to Pune for a work-related assignment, she and her folks were struck by the lack of non-alcoholic beverage options. (Puneris love their alcohol, haha)! Jokes apart, but that's when she decided to explore a passion project and start her very own range of sparkling juice in the city which was all-natural, without any sugar or preservatives. She started small by experimenting with small batches, multiple tasting sessions in her housing society and slowly slowly, her passion project soon became a full-fledged brand. 

Enter: The Good Juicery              

A homegrown brand which offers fresh, healthy and yummy sparkling fruit juices. While they're offering our favourites and go-to juice options like orange, mango or apple, they've got a bunch of cool and offbeat juice options as well. Think pomegranate and hibiscus juice, passion fruit, lychee and pink guava etc. These are great for breakfast, post-workout or may also be a cool mixer for your cocktails. Their pricing starts from INR 80 for a can and INR 220 for 1-litre juice bottle. Psst: these bottles can be easily recycled and used again in the future.            

Oh, and they ship Pan India too. So, go ahead and have a berry good time sipping on their fresh juices.