A Clean, Accessible Beach In Mumbai With A Secret Park? We Tell You Where


    Everyone in Mumbai seems to be yearning for clean, beautiful beaches. But have you seen the one right in town, that is the Silver Beach in Juhu?

    What Makes It Awesome

    This is in Juhu, more toward the north side. You can walk it down, or take an auto rickshaw from the Novotel hotel, the ISKCON temple or the Devle Road entrance to the beach. Silver beach being an extension of Juhu beach, is a less crowded, cleaner beach. Yes, there are still many people there, and it still not advisable to jump in the water, and no it will probably never make a ‘best beaches in the world’-list etc… But the fact that it is in the city {you can be in the temple or the cinema ten mins after the beach}, and has a small ‘secret’ elevated park {opening hours 6am to 11am, and 4pm to 9pm} are some factors that make it unique. The beach and the park is ideal for an evening stroll and/or for people-watching, and/or for meditating. And of course, the grand prize is the majestic sunset over the Arabian Sea, that literally seems to set into the ocean, and in the process changes the colours of the sky and the sea in magical ways. So, to sum up – let’s not oversell Silver Beach, but appreciate it for what it is – a surprisingly lovely and accessible semi-tranquil and sweet spot, which one can combine with other plans in Juhu.

    Some good music in your ears, your best shades and chappals. Don’t forget around INR 40 for a nariyal paani – and most importantly an open mind to enjoy the golden moments at silver beach. What will you leave with? A smile on your face, and a newfound love for Aamchi Mumbai #cornybuttrue


    Also, this post is as much about Silver Beach as it is about other ‘secret’ or ‘underappreciated’ sunset spots that Bombay is blessed with, but that I and plenty others tend to overlook in the hectic life… Make use of them for some Vitamin City-Sea and to slow down the pace of life for a little moment.