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Snacks, Dry Fruits & Other Goodies: This Store Is For All Things Healthy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Yours Truly, Chheda (yep, let's not let that bother us too much!) is the kind of store that’s got everything you need to make sure your snack cabinet is well-stocked. If you’re the type of person who looks forward to the 4 pm snack, and the 7 pm snack and the 1 am snack.

Upon entering, there’s a display filled with around 20 types of chocolate-covered paan. We couldn’t help but be amazed by the crossovers - Lindt covered Paan, Snickers Paan, Galaxy Paan, Rose-Chocolate Paan, After Eight Paan, you name it! They’re all priced at INR 80.

There’s a whole section stocked with dehydrated foods - which only need you to add hot water to them so they become whole meals. There are countless options for every tastebud out there - Veg Biryani, Rajma, Sooji Halwa, Dal Makhani, and loads more. There’s a ton of Jain options as well. The store also stocks healthy snacks like beetroot chips, granola bars, and makhana.

We also spotted some unique dried foods - dried beetroot amla, ginger amla, masala kharek, and honey amla. We tried dried bananas (a first for us!) which apparently hold medicinal value. There’s also many types of chocolate-covered fruit and dried fruit. Our favourite was the cranberries!

Finally, they also stock artisanal jams and preserves - Banana and Rum, Red Pepper Relish, and many more. Apart from the unique, there’s also the bare necessities - biscuits, dried fruit, packaged theplas, chivdas, juices, etc.

Make your way there to stock up for the week or just try something new!

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