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    One Minute Tea Packs Are Here & You’ve Gotta Stock Up On Them Now

    Aditi posted on 07 August

    What Is It?

    Let’s face it, for most of us Indians, there’s nothing that a steaming hot cup of adrak waali chai can’t solve. Truth be told, there’s not a single occasion or teeny-tiny break that a tea-junkie wouldn’t use to sip away that freshly brewed cup of tea. However, there are times when you just cannot spare more than a minute! Don’t you worry about that anymore because Society Tea has got you covered with its new range, the One Minute Tea {Yup! You got that right}. The best part? It comes in 3 interesting flavours, making your instant chai, special. You can know more about their products here.

    Brew-tiful Mornings

    You’ve had your beauty sleep and you’re ready to go to college or work, but wait! Of course, you’re running uber late and barely have the time to take a shower. Make sure you’ve stocked up Society Tea’s One Minute Tea packs and have your cup of morning tea ready before you are!

    For the ones who like a strong kick-start to their day, add to the ginger a generous hint of lemongrass and it has all the makings of a special chai, with their Ginger Lemongrass Instant Tea Premix.

    Cuppa On-The-Go

    If you’ve got a knack for travelling and pushing your limits, a quick cup of hot tea will keep you going. With Society One Minute Tea, you’ve got yourself a cuppa full of energy and freshness that tastes just like freshly brewed tea.

    Oh Hello, Mrs. Sprightley!

    Sugar, you know exactly who we’re referring to! When you’re just chilling at home with no intentions of moving a finger, sudden arrival of unwanted guests is the last thing you want. Relax, you got this! Put a smile and welcome them with the fragrance of fresh cardamoms wafting from a piping hot cup of tea. Society One Minute Tea’s Elaichi Instant Tea Premix will leave both your guests and the lazy in you very happy!

    Relax & Let It Steep

    After a really long day at work, all you dream of is to enjoy a soothing cup of tea but {obviously} you’re too tired to do the work? Yeah, we feel you. Don’t you worry. With Society One Minute Tea, all you gotta do is add hot water and stir! Go for their delicious Masala Instant Tea Premix and call it a day with this special chai.

    Anything Else?

    If you’re up for a fun challenge, try their #OneMinuteChallenge & try to beat them in a game before they make the tea!

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