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Pizza Fries, Chicken Fries And More: Celebrating Cheat Day At The J

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The J, a small cafe in Churchgate {and Bandra}, is our go-to for cheat days for its sinful range of loaded fries, which includes toppings such as pizza, sausage and chicken popcorn.

Chow Down

The J is a name which might sound cryptic to some, and not-so-cryptic to others. We believe that their mission as a business is to fatten us up. Their vast menu has two pages dedicated to fries alone. Thirty varieties of fries {which include vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain options} are followed by an additional page of make-your-own fries, which allows you to add as much cheese, meat and sauces as you like. Think of it as the potato version of a Subway sandwich.

Besides this, they also have burgers, shakes and potato wedges {to cater to minority tastes, obviously}. Pizzas, burritos, bhel puri – the list goes on.

Sip On

For their milkshakes, they have red velvet, Belgian chocolate, Oreo, chocolate peanut butter, and most interestingly, a caramel Parle G milkshake. Other than this, their beverages include Orange Tang and lemonade.

Winning For

We decided to try a wide variety of fries {for science}: the pizza chicken fries {two types of cheese, pizza sauce and chicken}, the schezwan cheese fries, burrito fries, as well as J In The Jungle – potato wedges served with shredded chicken, jalapeno cheese and chilli garlic.

They were quite good – the fries weren’t as crunchy as they could have been, but the flavour combinations were quite good. We quite liked the cheese {well, the amount of cheese at least}. The J In The Jungle was a clear winner, for its tender wedges, the pop of flavour with jalapeno, and again, the copious amounts of cheese they had used. These cone-shaped pockets of fries might be our reason to get through a hard-knock day. Order in at work, and be prepared to have to share.

Anything Else?

If you are feeling a little dizzy thinking of all the cheese, you may opt for sweet potato fries, wise one. This isn’t always on the menu, so check with them once. Also, slurp on a red velvet shake while you are on this food feast. Soggy fries are annoying like wet socks – to avoid them, act fast. And eat them in the first few minutes of procurement. {the fries, we mean}.

Find them on Facebook here. You can also place an order on Swiggy or Scootsy.


If you come up with an inventive – and delicious – enough combination, they will add it to the menu.