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This New All-Vegetarian Rooftop Restaurant In Lower Parel Serves Amazing Cocktails & Sheesha


    Herbivores, it’s time to unite and rejoice, as a new all-vegetarian restaurant with a gorgeous rooftop view, Tre has opened up in Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel. 

    Chow Down

    Tre, that opened up last week to the public is a two-floored restaurant. The first floor is a dedicated space for your dining and bar, with the rooftop place dedicated purely to serving their umpteen flavours of Dubai sheesha. Seeing the lack of more vegetarian rooftop places, we placed ourselves comfortably upstairs, with Mumbai’s short-lived nip in the air breeze for company.

    Coming to the food, you know you’ve hit the jackpot when an all-vegetarian place serves more than just multiple variations of paneer. Don’t get us wrong, we love paneer to death, but throwing in a bit of masala corn, hummus tortillas and thin-crust pizza will keep us coming back for more. The menu explicitly functions more like bar nibbles, which worked fine as that’s all we needed to compliment the delicious cocktails we were served.

    To begin with, we devoured their tortillas with cheese and hummus topped with veggies {with no guilt whatsoever}. To fuel our gluttonous pangs, we then tried out the corn masala {serving the brilliant purpose of chakna}, their vegetarian platter {with potatoes, mushrooms and paneer tandoori style}, and their thin-crust vegetarian pizza.

    What’s more, they serve sheesha as well. All of the hookah flavours have been imported from Dubai, as is evident when the smoke doesn’t hit the throat. Since they serve hookah only on their rooftop, it makes for a fitting and non-smokey setting for the non-hookah patrons.

    Sip on

    The bar menu is absolutely delightful. We were told the bar manager is all about experimenting with the drinks, hence the concussion of cocktails is all too diverse. Though they’re priced a bit expensively {INR 350 upwards}, the fresh ingredients and use of canned juices tells us it’s okay to splurge.

    We started the evening with a nice touch of peach bellini, made from fresh peach puree. As the evening progressed, so did the diversity of our cocktails, as we moved on to a pan soaked cocktail, mango served in a tikki glass alongside those bubblegum and chocolate shots. To say the least, they stirred tales in their cocktails as we left happy and tipsy.

    So, We're Saying...

    For the vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, we recommend Tre. Why? So you can sip on the amazing cocktails while sitting on the rooftop staring at the high rises around you, and for a moment get transported to a world that knows nothing of Mumbai.