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It’s never too early to plan a holiday. Agree? If you’re looking at your 2020 vacay plans, we have some great suggestions for you. Contiki takes the hassle out of travel with over 350 trips exclusively for 18-35 year olds to  anywhere from the cultural hubs of Europe, to the sandy beaches across Asia! All this with some super tempting offers as well. Already looking for your passports? Well, read on.

Travel Without A Worry

Most of us love travelling, but can’t be bothered with the nitty gritty of making the arrangements. That’s where Contiki comes in handy! With all the details sorted, including your accommodation, transport, a bunch of delicious meals, and key sightseeing activities included in the price of your trip, you’ll never have to worry. 

Epic Experiences For A Lifetime

Contiki hand-picks the best experiences for you! Look forward to riding the Amsterdam tower swing, an e-scooter tours of Paris, a picnic hike in Capri or zipping around Chiang Mai’s street food scene on a Vespa. Plus, Contiki has heaps of optional Free Time Add-On experiences you can do in your free time during the trip. 

Meet People From All Over The World

Travelling alone? Don’t fret. Contiki is great for everyone, including solo female travellers! Make lifelong friends, all within the age of 18-35 years old when you travel. Share unforgettable travel experiences with other people from all over the world. Come solo, with a pal or with a partner - you’ll soon feel like part of a global family.

Cultural Immersion Like Never Before

Get the most from your travel with some awesome immersive experiences. Whether you’re dining in the homes of locals or learning about hidden histories, Contiki’s expert trip managers and local guides show you a different side to the places you visit and are always on hand with killer local tips.

Massive Offers On Your Getaways

So book your next trip with Contiki and grab hold of their special offers! We’re talking about deals like a bumper INR 20k OFF on airfares with any Contiki trip booking. Plus, get a whopping 25% OFF on their Euro tour packages and 20% OFF on all Asian sojourns. We bet you can’t resist this. Hurry hurry, as these offers are valid until 29 November only.