We Went To Mumbai's Oldest Umbrella Shop & It Has Been Reigning Since 157 Years



    On South Bombay’s Princess Street, while the rest of the city grumbles and mumbles at the downpour of rain, the shopkeepers at Ebrahim Currim & Sons smile in satisfaction. They are, in case your mind is fitting pieces today, not sadists and certainly not farmers. They’re Mumbai’s oldest umbrella shop.

    What's The Story, Raining Glory?

    Since the brand started off in 1860, much has changed but the need to flee from the rain. 157 years since, and they still shine out on the street with rainbow-coloured umbrella greeting us from afar.

    At this brand, which has outlets across India, they both make and sell their own umbrellas, and everyone – from the trainee shopkeeper who’s still under the boss’ wings to the confident one who has been through it all, seen it all- sells umbrellas happily, busily, effortlessly, often juggling one customer’s questions with another with no problem.

    Wondering what more there could be to umbrellas than just saving your skin? We did too, and were met with answers: over the years they’ve had a Madonna print umbrella, a square shaped umbrella, one that opens out to house two people under, one with a walking stick handle, and so on. None of those please you?

    How about a striped beachy umbrella, or a rain-repelling, bright yellow one for you? They’ve made it all in their years, and now have the most colourful & bright, sturdy {and sometimes frilly} umbrellas from small ones as big as your palm, to extremely huge ones. All for you to pick from.

    So We're Saying..

    On asking their monsoon stories, they tell us of times when it suddenly starts raining outside and people run inside the shop, leaving the floor hard to find, the counters empty and umbrellas? Sold.