Heads Up: This Delhi-Based Home Decor Brand Is What You Need To Make 2019 Brighter


Untold Homes, a Delhi-based indie home decor brand mesmerised us at The Lil Flea with its collection. We delve deeper into what it offers.

What Makes It Awesome

Citing itself as ‘a creative origination which makes home & lifestyle utility products’, Untold Homes is a brand that you should look out for. Currently available online, they will soon be spreading their wings in the retail space. We love their minimal approach to design, giving us a break from heavy, embellished decor items that popular brands tend to shove in our face.

The design aesthetic will serenade you and the prices, will give you a sense of relief. Prepare yourself to make 2019 better. After all, who wouldn’t like to come back home to a beautiful house?


Check out the dog lamp, the tomato splash chopping board, wall shelves and all the rugs on their website.