It’s All Wood: This Brand Is Selling Chic Men Accessories Handcrafted With Finest Wood

What Makes It Awesome

Got the finest suit stitched, but feel something’s missing? Or got to make a royal first impression for a romantic date? Or simply hunting for offbeat accessories to uplift your simple looking outfit?

Well, if you nodded your head at least once, we’ve found you something that might interest you. We’ve stumbled upon an amazing online brand called Wood I Bow Tie. Just like their name, their collection too is pretty interesting and unique, wanting us to dig even further. Kickstarted in 2017, this brand specializes in chic and luxury men accessories like bow ties, watches, cuff links, tie clips and lapels. All made from the finest quality of wood sourced from across the world. Top-notch quality, ultimate luxury contemporary designs, and excellent craftmanship is three features you’ll find in all their products. 

While they deal with all types of men accessories, what stole our hearts is the array of bow collection they’ve got on offer. Starting from INR 900, their bows are handcrafted with quality wood but with some modern and unconventional fusion. For instance, there’s a wooden bow smartly paired with modern paisley, golden polka dots, etc. Pair these with casual shirts and you’re all ready to ace your contemporary and chic look. And each bow comes with super interesting names which also reflects one’s personality including Stalin, Di Caprio, Galliano, Jordon, Zuckerberg, Einstein, etc. 

To lend the much-needed luxe and elegance they use finest types of woods like Ebony, African Zebra, Maple, Walnut, etc. 

Apart from bow ties, their lapel flowers is something you’ll want to add to your cart. Again, these have been carefully handcrafted and intricately designed with wood. You can bag these at INR 600. If lapels are not your thing, you can opt elegant rosewood tie clips or teak wood cufflinks. Lastly, to add ultimate charm and vintage or retro look to your outfit we’d suggest going for their wooden watches. These are apt for a fancy dinner, formal occasion or any other special occasion. 

All in all, we’re saying if you’re done and dusted with the conventional metal accessories, these wooden ones will infuse a trendy slant to your wardrobe.  


Well, the good peeps at Wood I Bow Tie have added useful fashion tips and suggestions in the description of every product. Making shopping an easier process for men.