DIY Crafts & More: 5 Instagram Accounts To Draw Artsy Inspiration From

This lockdown season has spiked interest for arts and crafts in many and if you are one of them, this article is for you. Here are the top 5 IG accounts that you must follow to draw DIY inspiration for art, crafts, home decor and a lot more.


Sunshine_window is a DIY home decor and crafts IG account run by Nupur Rahar. She will teach you how to create beautiful art and transform spaces, all by yourself. Whether it is making cute coasters, painting unused bottles, kettles and creating rug covers, wall hangings etc, you can learn simple DIY techniques from this account. We absolutely love the makeover methods that she shows where a simple space is converted into a boho nook. 

5 Min Crafts

Learn quick hacks and DIY crafts with video tutorials from 5 Min Crafts, a highly popular DIY channel on FB as well as IG. In their videos, they normally teach you to turn scrap into art or make beautiful articles using things that you will normally find lying around the house. You can make your own storage boxes, wall hangings, organisers and even revamp spaces like gardens, homes, desks etc.

Ekattha - The Art Faktory

Here's your opportunity to unleash your hidden Picasso. Ekattha - The Design Faktory is Pune's 'artist-only' co-working or creative space.  Name any kind of art and craft technique and we're sure Ekattha has organised them. Follow their IG page where they often post about DIY hacks and update you about the upcoming workshops.

Classes & Workshops

Ekattha - The Art Faktory

Ajay Apartments, 3rd Floor, 11-B, Above Cantabil Showroom, Aundh, Pune


Anuvik Home Decor

Run by Anushikha Dwivedi, AnuVik Home Decor is an Instagram store that is known for quirky metal artefacts and designer home decor articles that will add colour and zest to your place. Along with that, it is also an art and home decor blog from where you can draw inspiration for vintage and regal decor. If you love mirrors, you will be glad to learn about different kinds of mirrors, how to place them and what does vintage paraphernalia goes with.

My Home Vibes

When you check out the IG account by the name My Home Vibes, you can find many ideas to transform a boring old space into something bright, cozy and cheery. You can learn to make wall decor pieces, stands, planters etc by taking a look at their DIY stories. If you want to revamp your garden or balcony, they will also teach you the process of revamping by adding the right kind of fancy pieces and articles.