Extra Chutney, Please: Here's Where You Can Eat The Best Momos In Pune

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Foodies and momos are like old lovers who can’t be kept apart! Steaming hot momos with fiery red chutney and creamy mayonnaise is all that you need to keep your tummy and heart satisfied. Momo stands exist at every corner of the city but here are some places that say a plate of momos is not just food, it’s an emotion.

Himalaya Momos

Himalaya Momos is located in Viman Nagar which is full of students that come from all over the country. Since momos are an all-time favourite no matter where you stay, tons of youngsters head here to have an easy on the pocket bite. Their momos are tender and juicy and are served with a chutney that is neither too spicy nor too bland. If you are in or around Viman Nagar, Himalaya momos should definitely be your first place on your mind when craving good momos. A plate for veg momos starts at INR 60 while for non-veg, it's INR 70.

Momo's Corrner

Koregaon Park is where most people head to eat, drink and chill. This time when you walk through the beautiful lanes of KP, you should stop by this eatery. The place is located in lane number 6 of Koregaon Park and is always crowded with people hungry for their tandoori momos starting at INR 75. Owing to its red fiery chutney, this corner is a must-visit for peeps who love their food a little extra spicy. To help you handle the fiery momo chutney, this place also offers fresh juices.

Yahoo Momos

If you’re heading out with your family people to enjoy some yummy momos, Yahoo Momos is where you should be headed. This place in Kothrud is known for its chicken momos, chicken schezwan momos, veg momos and manchurian momos. Their momos with a twist will ensure you come back again! A plate of chicken momos costs just INR 30.

Momo Panda

We ordered a plate of chicken steamed momos and veg tandoori momos at Momo Panda in Aundh and had a hearty meal. For INR 95, you can enjoy a plate of six momos which is enough for one. What we loved the most were the Malaysian momos that come in veg and non-veg options. Spicy and delicious, they come with mayo and spicy chutney. If you love cheese, you can enjoy cheese momos too.

Peter Momos

With a limited menu but authentic taste, Peter Momos in Bavdhan place has got you covered when you want those hot, steamy momos. Starting at INR 50 (fried momos are INR 60), the four types of momos served here will definitely warrant a second visit.

Sevensisters Momos

Beat life's blues with a plate of steaming hot momos at Sevensisters in Viman Nagar. If you like your momos with a twist, choose their signature momo dish with sauce of your choice. We opted for the chicken fried momos in Manchurian sauce. Starting at INR 80 per plate, the momos here have a rich and authentic taste.

Rassasay Food Truck

There is a Tibetan food truck in Wakad where you can enjoy hot momos coming in 30 types. Rassasy - Food Truck is known for its authentic Tibetan food and affordable pricing. This modern food truck has an elaborate menu for momos, which start at just INR 69 and are steamed, gravy, deep-fried, butter-fried, chilli and tandoor. You can opt between veg, paneer, mushroom, chicken, and corn-cheese. You have the option to choose either of the combinations and dig in. Our favourite is the butter garlic shallow fried momos, which are extremely flavourful.

Yeti & The Monk

Savour comfort food at Yeti & The Monk in Khadki, which specialises in Tibetan, Vietnamese and other East Asian cuisines. Your search for the perfect pork momos ends here. For starters, we ordered the famous dumplings - pork and veg, which came with a portion of super spicy but yummy garlic sauce and start at INR 160 a plate.

Wow Momos

The name is self-explanatory when it comes to the taste of momos from this outlet situated in Kothrud and Aundh. Steamed, pan-fried, tandoor, cheese, chocolate- we are talking about the different kinds of momos that Wow Momos make and yes, they are absolutely delish. Starting at INR 90 per plate, these momos are very fulfilling when combined with different kinds of dips. There are butter chicken, makhani, tomato capsicum sauce momos too which are laden with generous amount of gravy. Choco lovers must dig into the chocolate momos. For INR 135, find prawn pan-fried momos. Wait, you must try the Momburg- a hipster burger with sauce-laden momos as the patties and the chilled Thunderzz.

Yalla Momos

Located on Baner Pashan Link Road, Yalla Momos serves up some super delicious pan-asian food. But as the name suggests, they are known for their momos. You can find your regular steamed and fried momos starting at INR 90 but you have to try their special momos if you are eating from here. Our recommendations are their spinach and cottage cheese momos for INR 109 and their chicken Afghani momos for INR !50. They are both packed with flavours and super unique.