Enjoy A Calm Evening By A Lake That's In The Midst Of The City

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What Makes It Awesome

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, we found a quiet place where you'd want to be left alone with your thoughts. The Lakaki lake, known to a very few people of the city, is located in Model Colony. There's a walking track along the beautiful lake for those who'd like to run by the lake or enjoy an evening stroll. And from either side of the track, you can see a different view.

The lake, in its current state is an extension of an old natural lake. The development of this lake in its current state was carried out by one of Pune's famous industrial family, the Kirloskars and have named the lake after the founder of the Kirloskar industries, Laxman Kashinath Kirloskar. That's why the lake is called La-Ka-Ki lake.

As this lake park is not known to many people, the place is generally vacant. You will find a few locals on their morning or evening walks. The lake plays a host to a number of birds of different species. You can find storks, bulbuls, ducks, cranes among others, taking a dip into the lake's cool waters.

The walking track around the lake has a number of benches throughout. The best part is that from each bench, you'll view the lake from a different angle. You can take a book and read in peace, find inspiration or simply listen to music as you enjoy the view.

The Lakaki lake garden is operational only for a few hours. It is open between 7 AM to 10 AM and then reopens at 4 PM till 7 PM. The entry inside the garden is charged at INR 5 per person.

The lake fills up to the railing during monsoons. Hence, there might be a possibility of the garden being shut during such times.

What Could Be Better

We wish the park was operational through the day.


No eatables are allowed in the park. But, photography is, so you can spend the evening bird-watching and practicing your photo skills.