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Of Hash Browns & Cheesy Omelettes: Our Pick Of The Best English Breakfast Places In Pune

A good start to a day is very important and the very best way to do that, is to have a wholesome brekkie. Also, don't we all have those mornings when your tummy asks for a nice fluffy omelette and some sausages. So peeps, here are our best picks of the best of English breakfast places in Pune!  

Imagine starting your day by digging into perfectly cooked bacon, crispy hash browns and eggs made to your liking. Where else diner in Viman Nagar offers you exactly that in their scrumptious English breakfast which you enjoy in the company of cute and friendly Persian cats. You can also get your pet along for a nice morning out.

Spread across six different locations throughout Pune, Café Peter has become a boon for all the early risers. Opening at 7 am and offering various healthy and fulfilling plated breakfasts, Café Peter is definitely a go to place for a delicious and satisfactory plate of English breakfast.

A slight desi-touch to your regular English omelette, Chai offers their foodies masala omelette with their set menu of the traditional English breakfast. It indeed is a simple yet yummy twist to the English breakfast that we love so muc. That’s not all,. This is available throughout the day at any of the Chai outlets in town.

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