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Nature Conservation Day: Help Conserve Ecosystems Along With These Organisations


    It’s Nature Conservation Day, and this year’s theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. If you’re not already in the conservation space, or have the time, resources, and background to do it, don’t worry! There are many ways to directly and indirectly get involved with various organisations to do your part to help support ecosystem restoration well past World Environment Day. Here are organisations and causes you can help in their mission to restore and protect the environment. 


    Understanding that the loss of biodiversity doesn’t just threaten the animals within the forests, but also the communities that live around it is something all of us city folks need to do. Junglescapes is an NGO that does grassroots level conservation, that basically involves communities that live in and around the forests in the Western Ghats, as well as biodiversity and wildlife conservation. You can choose to volunteer with them for outreach, awareness raising, and research, or donate to many of their projects. 


    Goonj works with the belief that anyone can be a changemaker. While they have many initiatives that work to empower and uplift communities, they have been proactive in empowering people. A few of their efforts that are geared towards the environment include (but not limited to) Green by Goonj (upcycles fabric/fashion waste into handmade products, and provides financial support to the women making them), Not Just A Piece Of Cloth (cloth pads for women for safe and sustainable menstrual practices), and disaster response and management. You can either donate material for any of their initiatives, books, money, or your time to do awareness drives and outreach programs. 

    Terra Conscious

    Based out of Goa, Terra Conscious works with local fishing communities to preserve and protect the fragile ecosystems that the coasts are. How? By taking you on an immersive travel experience with them! You could go boating in the mornings (catch a dolphin swim by maybe), kayaking through mangrove forests or the estuary, cycle through the forest or go for a light hike. Curated by conservationists, all proceeds from the experience go directly to wetland conservation efforts and the local community there. 

    Bombay Natural History Society

    An organisation that has existed since the 1800s, the BNHS comprises all types of nature enthusiasts, from students to scientists. One of the best ways to get involved is to become a member. Whether you love birds, coastal biodiversity, or are interested in awareness and education, the BNHS has something you can do. Apart from donations, you can be a member to take part in research activities, cleanup projects, and tagging activities. They also have merch, and species adoption programmes 


    Those of you who love our oceans, and all the wonderful things within them, check out Reefwatch. Working along the coast of Karnataka and the Andaman Islands, they work with reefs, as the name suggests. Their volunteering activities are mostly on-site, and if you have a useful skill (designing, photography, law, coding, etc), and time to spare, you can go ahead and be a part of their activities onsite. These include island conservation, reef restoration, and community education, and outreach programs too. If you can’t, you can always donate too. 



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    Kalpavriksh has worked on projects across the country, across various environmental concerns from policy to urban greening. Apart from working on grassroots project on a local level, they do a lot of environmental education at schools, colleges, and stakeholder communities. Around forest regions, they work on finding holistic solutions to reduce or work through human-wildlife conflicts. They also work on creating locale specific programmes. Some of these include conservation projects related to snow leopards in Leh and Kargil, biodiversity conservation in Kutch, and the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary of Pune. They also sell books for all ages for education purposes. 

    Looking for brands that are sustainable in their own way in what they do? Here you go. 

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