Here Are 2022's Trending Home Decor Themes And Trends

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It’s 2022 and when it comes to home decor, apparently a return of the 70s, too with low key art deco, fluid spaces at home, and creating an aesthetic that’s light, airy, and easy on the eyes. The focus is on creating a space that you’ll be in all day, but also easy to transition from work to play to rest. Work-life balance, wellness, and efficient use of space are front and centre for 2022. So after many, many hours of reading, watching and chatting to pros in the field, here are our predictions for some of the hottest home decor trends in 2022

Multifunctional Furniture


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Seeing as most people are doing everything from home, being flexible with where one works, plays, and entertains is going to be the same. Bulky furniture, whimsical decor pieces, and separate units for everything are all out and multi-purpose furniture is in (with multipurpose tables being the most popular). Sofa cum beds, beds that double up as storage options, dressers that can be used as study desks, multi-use baskets and hampers, and even chairs that are perfect for both the living room and home office are here to stay. For instance, many of Ikea’s basic shelving units can function as bookshelves, display units, or spaces for planters.  

Brands We Love: Mohh for their smart storage options, Pepperfry for their large units, 1BHK for their smaller, thoughtful home accessories. Ikea for everything else!

Rounded Furniture


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With the return of the 70’s aesthetic globally, rounded furniture is where the trends are pointing (AD, Good Housekeeping, Good Homes, etc agree) . Be it pouffes, arches, round furniture like tabletops and orb lights among others. How this will translate into homes depends on the sizing. Smaller spaces will see more curved lamps, round mirrors (an ongoing trend), table lamps among others. For larger pieces, circular coffee/side tables (or ones with curved edges) as well can be incorporated into the home. In bedrooms, apart from round hampers and mirrors, the chairs (Chairs and Company makes beautiful round back chairs if you’re looking)  are what will really help highlight curved furniture.

Brands We Love: Spin for their bar stools and coffee tables, The Artment for their flask planters and wall art, and Osmos for their vases.

Decor With A Second Life

West Elm

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As part of being sustainable, and investing in better quality furniture and decor, there’s an uptick of furniture that’s either secondhand (picked up from local markets, among other sources) as well as pieces made from upcycled, repurposed and reclaimed materials. Think rugs, cushion covers and throws made from fabric scraps, larger furniture pieces (chairs, tables, and wardrobes among others) made of reclaimed wood, lamps and glassware made from old bottles and wall decor using wood scraps for texture. This also taps into the vintage aesthetic and many vintage/antique pieces are being thrifted and repainted and repaired for their collectable value. A particularly cool brand we’ve stumbled upon is An Decor By Nilima that creates multi-use furniture out of wooden crates! 

Brands We Love: Studio Indegene for their beautiful lighting options, Scrapshala for the innovation, Sirohi for their colourful charpoys. For a certified eco-conscious brand, check out West Elm.

Natural, Sustainable Material


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Speaking of sustainability, being a conscious consumer includes being conscious of personal spaces. This includes wellbeing that can be achieved by surrounding yourself with nature. We spoke to Ayush Kasliwal from the award-winning AKFD Studio for some insights. With nearly 3 decades of designing stellar spaces and decor and a bunch of awards to boot (Lexus Design Award, 2019. EDIDA awards, and UNESCO Awards of Excellence) the founder of the Jaipur based studio says that living spaces are being redesigned to be airy and full of natural lighting that works well with the lightness that comes from using natural materials like natural fabrics, wood, cane, and bamboo among others, and earthy colours to complement it. Popular options for upholstery will include handloom fabric, cotton, flax, and jute where possible. This also means that 2021's cane, bamboo and rattan trends will endure. In the kitchen and garden, terracotta (with its true colour), concrete/cement and earthy shades will complement these. 

Brands We Love: Mianzi for their bamboo products, Green Heirloom for their terracotta kitchenware, Nicobar for their rustic, earthy hues. 

WFH Friendly Decor

Home Canvas

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Working from home is here to stay to some extent, and with a narrowing gap between the virtual and real-world, dedicated spaces for work (or study) setup will exist in every home. Apart from productivity gear, ergonomic chairs, a work table and spots with great electrical and internet connectivity, people are looking to have a Zoom Background worthy space says Kasliwal. Largely these are shelves, but what's within the shelves is a mix of books, basic decor (think frames, vases, some personal memorabilia and small plants), this also can include anything else that's related to your line of work. With this comes decor that we think will facilitate working better (mugs with lids, compact desk lamps, coasters, and small planters).

Brands We Love: Home Canvas for their ergonomic chairs (and tables), Doortohome for their compact yet practical shelves, and of course Ikea for everything in between 

Biophilic Design - Plants, Plants & More Plants

If 2020 was when succulents became popular, then 2022 is when people want to explore more texture and use of plants. According to Pinterest’s 2022 trend report, searches for plant-related searches (for the home) were over 100k compared to last year.  From oxygen-rich plants, vertical gardens, green interior designs dried flowers and even fake plants, people are realising the meditative value of plant care. People are also experimenting with propagating their own plants, growing veggie and herb gardens and taking risks with slightly higher maintenance plants. Channelling the tropics, what's getting popular are ferns, peace lilies, fiddle leaf figs (or any plant varieties with large leaves), and Syngoniums (available in many colours and ideal for tabletops too). Snake plants, crotons, and spider plants of all sizes are still popular options for larger homes.  

Brands We Love: Ugaoo and NurseryLive for plants, Prakrti Garden Boutique for their contemporary and easy to maintain planters, and Coastal Habitat for dried florals

Themed Spaces


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Homes will move from being a space with titled rooms (bedroom, living room, study room etc) to a collection of rooms with fluid use, says Kasliwal. The proportion of people who are mobile (either renting spaces or moving back with families) but also use their living space for many functions will remain high. This means setting up nooks and corners for recharging, privacy, and mindful activities. Whether it’s a reading corner, with book lines shelves and a reading chair, a zen space with aromatherapy, fairy lights and comfy cushions, or a spot by the window for writing, reflecting, and tea - people are creating themed spaces within their living space for wellness and purpose. This also means the increase in movable decor components be it beanbags, coffee tables, or small decor pieces like vases, candle holders, cushions, and rugs

Brands We Love: Wooden Twist for their wooden divider screens, Glimmer Lighting for their versatile fairy lights, and Chumbak for their eclectic range of decor and stationery to adorn your zen/activity space.  

Woven Texture

Kadam Haat

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With the return of the 70’s, there’s also a major play on textures and patterns. Where both meet are woven designs. Whether it’s with fabric or with wood, weaves are in! When it comes to fabric, the popularity of macrame, knitted table linen, jute and grass weaved placemats and coasters speak for themselves. On the other end, contemporary furniture styles will feature weaves in the form of rattan panelling, woven cane and bamboo elements, including planters! Lighting options from small brands are already playing with grass and cane. In fact, people ask for custom products and designs to suit their home too, says Neetu from Knotical Treasures. Blankets, rugs, and throws will feature chunkier knits to really lean into the “woven” trend, all adding to a slightly rustic finish. 

Brands We Love: Kadam Haat for their woven grass decor, Earth Heart for their banana fibre lighting options, Okhai for their macrame wall and table decor

And Everything Else


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Some of the general, larger trends include focusing on sustainability right from shopping local and consciously designed decor (this includes incorporating handicrafts, handmade pieces, and traditional art into homes). Subsequently, investing in evergreen styles and sturdier decor - from clay utensils and copper kitchenware, less whimsical furniture units but also ones with a story behind them - will get popular. Muted but bold colours in addition to strategically placed mirrors are what’s in to create depth, especially in small spaces. Escapism through art and bringing nature home is here to stay since people are spending more time at home. Colours and textures have been incorporated to give a more cozy, lived-in look with a heavy emphasis on functional comfort. 

Brands We Love: Urban Ladder for their versatile and practical furniture, Baro and Ubyld for their certified eco-friendly furniture, Oorja for their thoughtfully (and artfully) designed lighting options, Indus Valley for their traditional cookware.