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Blues We Love: 5 Ways To Add Jaipur Blue Pottery To Your Home

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Jaipur Blue Pottery is basically blue pottery from Jaipur that's not basic! Forget the usual old brown pots made from mud, Jaipur Blue Pottery plates, trays, vases and other decor pieces are made from cool quartz and not clay. Fun fact: Jaipur Blue Pottery isn't actually from Jaipur but actually Turko-Persian that made way to Jaipur kings' durbars, courtesy, the Mughals.

Plates, platters, vases, diffusers, trays and even doorknobs - Jaipur blue pottery is characterised by blue floral designs and Mughal artistry. In this list, we tell you ways in which you can bring Jaipur Blue Pottery home. Read on!

Step 1: Use Blue Pottery In The Kitchen


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The easiest way to incorporate the use of Jaipur Blue Pottery - is serveware. Think bowls, trays and platters. Check out Viskaa Store for their serveware in phulkari and anarkali prints - colourful, safe to use and pleasing to the eye, these are gorgeous! They have an entire range of vases, cups, beer mugs, wall decor worth checking out too. For more minimalist serveware check out Fish Jaipur and for platters, cake stands and for more intricate, ethnic-looking serveware, try out Ace The Space. We love The Azraq Tray and their embroidered coasters too.

For more beautiful ceramic brands, we suggest you go through this list.

Brands To Look Out For: Viskaa Store, Fish Jaipur and Ace The Space

Step 2: Add Decor Pieces In Your Hall/Room


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Step 2 is rather simple. It involves using vases, diffusers, decorative plates and more as decor. Aurea's clocks, vases, bowls, desk accessories, pots and planters are all designed and decorated with intricate floral patterns and if you want something multi-use, we suggest Folkstorys. Now while the the Blue Pottery Diffuser and decorated plates from Viskaa are our go-tos, we also love the Pottery Diamond Wall Frames from Studio Moya (in case you're looking for sizes, these are 5.5 inch in diameter). For toys, containers for dry fruits and cutlery, look no further than Lattu.  

Brands To Look Out For: Aurea, Studio Moya, Lattu and Folkstorys

Step 3: How About Some Door Knobs And Drawer Handles?

Yes, you heard right, we have a brand that does home attachments like drawer handles and door knobs, each artistically made using Blue Pottery designs. Neerja International is all for supporting blue pottery artisans with their cabinet knobs and drawer pulls and handles. Best for the main entrance, bathroom and room doors, these are printed with plant patterns and are available in a wide range of colours. 

Brands To Look Out For: Neerja International

Step 4: Illuminate Your Space With Pottery Lights

Never thought lights and lamps could have Jaipur Blue Pottery incorporated now, did you? Well, turns out, there are options aplenty! There are diffusers, table lamps and you also get little tea-lights (diyas) that have blue pottery designs inscribed on them from Neerja International . You could even try out the candles and lights from Mandala Pottery that are not too heavy on design but still pleasing to the eyes.

Fan of lamps the way we are? Here are 21 options.

Brands To Look Out For: Mandala Pottery 

Step 5: Add Colour To Your Dining Table Too

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Tableware is a great way to add blue pottery to your dining table. For blue pottery inspired cutlery do not forget to check out this spice drizzler set from Crok Chok and Fish Print Spoon from Glimpse Homes. Also check out Ace the Space's beautiful Table collection, more specifically their colourful cups that will add more life to your dining table. Tesor World's floral mugs, kullads and saucers are worthy additions too. For grand, function-type options, shop VarEesha's plates and mugs.

After the desi-modern table look? Here are seven brands to help you out!

Brands To Look Out For: Tesor Home Decor and VarEesha