Party It Up With These Delish Alcohol Mixers!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Alcohol mixers are my favourite! There's nothing more that I crave than tropical, refreshing cocktails, especially during summers, and having mixers at home makes it all the more easier to put together a fancy-schmancy drink without much effort. Which is why I went ahead and sampled the Red Lady (mix of red grapes and strawberries) from Litt Mocktails! The packaging is lovely and would also look pretty sitting in your bar cabinet.  And of course, you can use it to make mocktails too.

    Available online on LBB, Litt Mocktails has that premium feel with all their mixes being alcohol-free. If you're trying to make a lifestyle switch, take a pick from their flavours which also include Virgin Mojito and Blue Lagoon. Prices start from INR 345 for a bottle. 


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