Ladies, Bookmark These Travel Essentials For Your Post Pandemic Escapades


    All our travel plans have been put on hold, and for the right reasons too. But should that stop us from planning our future trips? We think not. Mountains or beaches, wherever you're planning to go there are certain travel must-haves that you need to well equipped with before you go out and about. We've curated everything from touristy backpacks to bath and body essentials that will make your journey smooth. 

    Let's get packing! 

    Convertible Backpack From EcoRight

    Wild Grass is Greener Convertible Backpack

    Wild Grass is Greener Convertible Backpack


    Let's start off the list with something that is as crucial as your travel tickets - a backpack to hold the gazillion knick-knacks you're going to be carrying with you. This one from EcoRight is convertible, stylish, eco-friendly (WOW) and just downright awesome. They have these in tons of chic prints and designs. The fact that they're small-ish (11 x 6 x 6), compels you to carry just the essentials and not the entire world. 

    Price: INR 1,399

    Still want more room in your backpacks? Go check out these duffle bags and choose from funky Ikat prints to cool glossy ones. 

    Sneakers From Funky N Trendy

    Handpainted Pink Galaxy Sneakers

    Handpainted Pink Galaxy Sneakers


    Comfortable sneakers do count as travel essentials and there are no two ways about it. I mean, think about those long and tiring airport walks. And you know what's better? If those sneakers are handpainted. These pink galaxy sneakers from Funky N Trendy are stunning and come in sizes from EUR 35 to EUR 42. 

    Price: 1,299

    Psst, want some more budget-friendly options? We've gotcha! Check out these indie brands that do awesome sneakers at affordable prices. 

    Floral Travel Pouch From Iro

    Double Zip Mint Floral Travel Pouch

    Double Zip Mint Floral Travel Pouch


    Japanese for colours, Iro is a brand that has a great collection of travel pouches, laptop sleeves and other storage organisers. You'd need this travel pouch for keeping loose things like lip balms, keys, sanitisers, face wipes and the likes. The pouch has two zipped compartments so that your essentials don't get all mixed up. 

    Price: INR 1,110

    For more options, head here

    Plum Lip Balm From Alyuva

    Plum Lip Balm

    Plum Lip Balm


    Now that you have your bags and pouches sorted, let's move on to the things to stuff 'em with. All the travel crazy can leave your lips chapped. This cruelty-free, plum lip balm by Alyuva will leave your lips nicely moisturised and we bet it smells divine too. Bonus: they come in a tiny 8g tin which is super convenient to carry around. 

    Price: INR 290

    Natural lip balms are all the rage nowadays, which is why this list of organic lip balms is great if you wish to browse through more options. 

    The Care Bundle From Almitra Sustainables

    There is no excuse for skipping brushing your teeth before sleeping and after waking up. And what better than doing so while reducing your carbon footprints! This Care Bundle by Almitra Sustainables consists of bamboo earbuds, a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal infused bristles, a neem wooden comb, a bamboo razor, loofah and a copper tongue cleaner. A clean and green set that'll easily fit into your kits. 

    Price: INR 965

    Travel Kit From Arata

    Travel Kit

    Travel Kit


    Isn't it annoying when you try to stuff your huge shampoo (plus conditioner) bottles in an already-overflowing toilet kit? This Travel Kit by Arata is a saviour in disguise during such times. The kit has a shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and a facewash, all in convenient travel sizes.

    Price: INR 1,146 (score!)

    3-Ply Pastel Masks From Hem'd

    3-Ply Unvalved Pastel Triangle Masks

    3-Ply Unvalved Pastel Triangle Masks


    I'm actually reconsidering my decision of putting masks so far down the list given how crucial they are at the moment. These 3-Ply, cotton masks by Hem'd come in beautiful pastel hues and are reusable. They have some great prints too if you wish to buy those instead. 

    Price: INR 449

    For a more comprehensive list of brands doing face masks, head here

    Multi-Purpose Kit From Svish On The Go

    Easy to Use Multi-Purpose Kit

    Easy to Use Multi-Purpose Kit


    Another inevitable travel essential is a hand sanitiser. This kit by Svish includes a non-sticky, zero-gas hand sanitiser spray (100ml), one anti-germ spray (75ml) and a pack of 30 disinfectant wipes for all your gizmos. 

    Price: INR 497


    Is your mum your favourite travel buddy? Get her these super-functional travel gifts before you two go embark on those great travels. Oh, and you may want to check out these sunscreens to add to your travel kits!