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Tiffany’s Too Expensive? These Rings Will Look Just As Amazing

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In the words of our lord and saviour, Queen Bee, "if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it." Or more specifically, a Tiffany & Co. ring. But hey, maybe it's too soon to be gifting your SO a Tiffany's ring or maybe it's just a little out of your budget. No worries, as long as there's a ring, there's a way. Check out some Tiffany's alternatives that'll look just as amazing on their ring finger. 

For The Stargazer

Minimalistic Gold Crescent Moon Phase Ring


If half of your SO's camera roll is pictures of the sky, well, this moon phase ring will become a regular feature on their hand. It's bold yet understated and the mixing of colours will match every outfit, ethnic or western. 

For The Contemporary Chic Vibe

White Vertical Linear Enamel Ring


While some of us may love to load up on stacked rings, that's not everyone's thing and for those jewellery-wearers, a clean and classic ring like this one is it. It pairs well with chic, modern outfits with clean lines and silhouettes. It's the sort of ring you just never want to take off. 

For The Relationship You Can't Risk Jinxing

Amora White Evil Eye Ring


So you're pretty sure this person is the one. First, congratulations! Second, the evil eye symbol's offers protection against bad luck and this is a nice placeholder to put on their finger until it can be replaced with an engagement ring (maybe from Tiffany & Co.?) Plus, Gigi Hadid and Zayn wear matching evil eye jewellery and if that's not reason enough to get the ring, I don't know what is. 

For The One Who Loves All Things Vintage

Pressed Ivory Queen Annes Lace Adjustable Ring


It might be an obsession that already existed or one that was deepened through binge watching Bridgerton, but if your partner loves things that look like they're right out of the 60s, 1860s that is, this classy antique ring will make them feel just like a Queen (or Lady or Duchess, amirite?) 

For The One Who Loves Dressing Desi

Kundan and Pearl Round Ring


Every time you meet up with them, you're awed (and kinda scared) of how big their wardrobe must be because they're always wearing a new suit, saree or kurta but that just makes ring shopping easier for you because I've never met a person who loves wearing ethnic wear who also doesn't love kundan jewellery. Go on, let 'em make an even bigger statement with this ring.

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For The One With A Green Thumb

Floral Blue Ring


Whenever you've got them a bouquet of flowers, they've totally lit up brighter than the actual flowers. This floral ring is super cute, just look at the daisies and the pastel blue colour! So, we say, get this floral ring as a replacement in place of a floral arrangement since this'll last longer.

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For The One Who Can't Make Up Their Mind

Two-Tone Interlocked Swirl Ring


They seem to be wearing gold and silver jewellery, two completely different patterns at once and yet, somehow, they totally make it work. For that fashion god you're lucky to spend time with, this two-toned ring will fit right in. They won't have to make up their mind about silver or gold jewellery but good luck trying to get them to decide where you're heading for dinner tonight.

For The One With A Thing For Home Decor


So they're constantly saving home decor inspiration on Pinterest and their home's the coolest one you've seen ever. What do you get a person with such a good eye for style? Well, you get them a marble effect ring that's made using concrete and this might be the easiest way to combine jewellery with their passion. 

For The Baker (Or One With The Sweetest Tooth)

Engraved Classic Statement Croissant Ring


What do you get a baker or dessert lover without it being a kitschy, too literal and sort of immature jewellery with cupcakes on it? I'm glad you asked. Check out this engraved ring that just sort of looks like a croissant if you look close enough but, from far away, is still a classy gold ring. Bonus quarantine points for you if you also think it lowkey looks like sourdough.

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For The Artist

Abstract Face Gold Ring


They're artsy, they're cool and they deserve a ring that's exactly their vibe. This abstract face ring is one similar to something they've probably seen on their favourite art page on Instagram so if they're into Picasso or abstract art in general, we suggest you order this one. 


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