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We Can Finally Satiate Our Mexican Food Cravings Now That Taco Bell Is Delivering, Chug Potent LIITs In Ferris Wheel Seats At Nehru Place Social, Blooms Serves Boozy Tea & Coffee 24 Hours A Day, Chaat, South Indian & Tibetan Momos: This Veg-Only Cafe Has A Mad Variety Of Food, Smoking Hot Grilled Chicken Comes To Nehru Place, Burn It Up With The Fitness First TRX And Body Combat Workouts This Winter, Cost To Cost In Nehru Place Has Cheap Computer & Gaming Accessories, Fio’s Day Menu Brings Melony Sangrias & A Fresh Mango Mousse, Royal China: Dim Sums, Duck Pancakes & Banana Toffee, Flavourful Vada Sambhar and Dosas at Rajshire in Nehru Place,