We Can Finally Satiate Our Mexican Food Cravings Now That Taco Bell Is Delivering

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What Makes It Awesome

Tacos, burrito bowls, nachos... there's not one thing we haven't tried and loved on Taco Bell's menu so when we saw the "Bell On Hold" notification, we may have been a little upset. But no more! While we're under lockdown to protect ourselves and those around us from Coronavirus, Taco Bell in Epicuria, Nehru Place is now offering contactless delivery on food made safely and hygienically and delivered safely, too. They're following strict guidelines set by WHO so let's taco about what to order, 'kay?

So since it's literally in the name, their tacos are obviously amazing. If you can't pick between a soft or crunchy taco, get the best of both worlds with their Cheesy Double Decker Taco that has a gooey cheese layer between the two shells. The Chalupa, which is a chewy flatbread, with chipotle sauce and fajita veggies or chicken (you pick) is another thing we loved. The Mexican Fries that are spicy and fiery are the perfect side or you can go for the classic Cheesy Nachos and you're sorted. 

If you're looking for a slightly healthier option, try their Rice Bowl with paneer or chicken, lots of fresh salsa and tons of veggies. And well, just 'cause we're talking about healthy options, it doesn't mean we won't get dessert. The Chocodilla is, you guessed it, a chocolate stuffed quesadilla which we'd never tried before which was nice but didn't really match the level of their savoury food. 

Price: INR 79 onwards

What Could Be Better

Guac is extra (and so are we) so we didn't like paying extra for it because we can't really imagine eating Mexican food without this staple. 


Check out their Meals section if you're feeling a little hungrier or ordering for more than just for yourself and save a little money this way.