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Chaat, South Indian & Tibetan Momos: This Veg-Only Cafe Has A Mad Variety Of Food

Rene posted on 21 May


When we saw a whole bunch of leaf-eaters raving about Swad – Desh Videsh Ka, we weren’t entirely sure if we’d make the trek to Nehru Place for this. What sealed the deal, though, is that it looks like a cute cafe, and has a menu that’s a mix of the usual, North Indian fare along with street food, Oriental, South Indian, Italian and more.

Don't Leaf Without Trying Everything

A vegetarian cafe that looks funky is still a novelty to us. While a trip here is still pending, we see that they’ve been creative with the interiors – whether it’s getting those plants in, the kitschy posters they have hung up, or the teals and yellows thrown in to make it look peppy.

The good folks here lay emphasis on working with seasonal produce. Their menu is a fascinating mish-mash of dishes that are a very close approximation of what we love most from our mother’s kitchen, to dishes that, to us, are synonymous with special days (like mummy’s paneer pizzam and pasta that comes with a very desi twist). It’s hard to say if the international flavours are actually authentic, but we can’t wait to try it out and have our verdict ready. Dumpling Manchurian Style and Cadbury Surprise Thick Shake is going to be our pick for when we land up.

Can’t think beyond butter paneer? Find it hard to imagine a more fitting breakfast than chole bhature? Or, just find yourself reaching out to a fat plate of Raj Kachori? You’ll hit the jackpot with the rather innovatively named Swad. For now, we’re just rejoicing that it doesn’t look like a highway dhaba.

We’re told the Maggi Manchow Soup, Thai green curry, shami kebab and Mangalorean Fried Idlis are the crowd favourites here.

So, We're Saying...

From salad-loving, fussy vegans to grouchy, non-experimental vegetarians, there’s something for every herbivore on the table.

Also, since you’re going to be in Nehru Place, why not combine the trip with a 7-star movie experience?

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