24-Hour Hot Tub, Windsurfing & Beach-Side Cocktails Await At LaRiSa

Larisa Beach Resort

Morjim, Goa


Right on Morjim Beach, LaRiSa resort is all about sunsets, walks on the beach and jacuzzis — perfect to enjoy Goa with a hint of indulgence.

Beach Bumming

While many are heading to Goa but not to the beaches {because it’s all about offbeat travelling and all that}, but I can’t fully agree with that. Which is why, I have found a few favourite spot in Morjim — LaRiSa resort. A small boutique hotel, this one has just eight rooms, all opening right onto the beach. What’s even lovelier is that while the outside offers palm trees, a wooden deck {more a patio, really} to lounge in, and the sea a few steps away, the room itself is gorgeous.

With four-poster beds dominating the space, the chic rooms are done up minimalistically to complement the elegant white walls. And that’s not even the best part!

Weave through the room, the the beach-facing area, which is a really charming patio that houses a jacuzzi {yup, every room has it}. So bring out the books, the cocktails and up the romance by just lounging in the hot tub, watching the waves and sunset play tag.

On The Water Front

When you’re done unwinding, this beach is perfect for some seaside adventure. The shallow waters mean that it’s safe to just wade in and bob about. But since there’s also a decent surf and water movement, it’s the perfect place to learn {or show off} some kite surfing moves.

If you’re up for even more adventure, then do some serious windsurfing. That said, there’s nothing wrong with just wallowing in the waters, or sunbathing. Holidays are for lazing too, right?

All About The Food

I know you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to food in Goa, but make a trip to TRIP, the in-house restaurant for a leisurely meal that comrises sunsets, cocktails and pizzas to die for. My favourite here is the seafood pizza that comes with fresh prawns, the California Roll rolled with king prawn, avocado and mayonnaise. And caviar, but just a touch.

For other main, my suggestion is stick to seafood — be it fish, prawns or squid. They also do a mean baklawa — perfect to end the meal on a sweet note. Then, just relax all night with copious amounts of cocktails from The Howling Wolf {vodka espresso} to Sea Breeze {rum, coconut water and mint}.

Larisa Beach Resort

Morjim, Goa