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This Resort By The Sea Has One Of The Most Romantic Restaurants In Goa

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What Makes It Awesome

Bay 15 has found itself that sweet spot where it’s about 10 minutes from Panjim but turns into a secret hideaway thanks to its beachfront charm. With 16 Swiss chalets that combine hill vibes with sea views and a restaurant that overlooks the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, what's not to love?

They have live music evenings on Mondays and with the promise of fresh seafood, it's no wonder that the space gets packed with hungry diners (families, friends and couples included) who like this elegant sit-down seaside experience. While we love ourselves a lunch here so we can enjoy the sea, a dinner here is equally romantic if you’re a sucker for candlelit cabana kind of settings. In fact, they can even plan a date night for you complete with wine, a butler and a private gazebo that’s decked in warm fairy lights.

Just because we prefer simple choices, we find the menu a bit exhausting with its mad variety of Continental, Thai, Tandoori, North Indian and Goan. Take our advice and when here, straight away attack the local preparations and seafood. We love ourselves a good Thai Curry or Tandoori chicken, we tend to leave these alone in favour of Goan food at Bay 15. It really is amongst the best and offers a chance for us to gorge on sannas and authentic Goan curries.

Sausage Chilli Fry, Prawn Recheado, Fish Ambotik and Stuffed Prawn papads constitute the carnivore’s regular order here and the staff is happy to recommend lots of vegetarian options as well including rissois, veg xacuti or chilli fry that hit the right spot.

While the restaurant is open to everyone (not just in-house guests), if you decide to book Bay 15 for a stay too, you’ll be treated to wooden cottages that come with a sea or garden view. There’s a pool and the choice of picking pre-planned 1–2 day packages to Dudhsagar waterfalls and Grand Island.

Their room tariffs start at INR 5k.


Both the restaurant and resort are open throughout the year. Thanks to its location and service, it’s also a loved spot for destination weddings and family get-togethers.