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Beach Bags, Hats Or Lamps, Get Everything Cane At This Tiny Store In Panjim



    Cane Craft in Panjim might not look like a big deal from the outside but linger around for a few seconds and you’ll see it’s loaded with stuff. From hammocks to cane furniture to smaller things like lamps, bags, hats, placemats, baskets and more, you can find tonnes of affordable buys here.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Easy to spot, this store usually has cane swings outside and is open till about 9pm. So, if you’re walking the streets of Panjim, either looking for a bar to settle for the night or a place to grab a Goan thali in the afternoon, stop by, perhaps? You’ll find some handcrafted sling bags or those that are perfect for the beach within the INR 400–1,100 range. There are also some funky hats that are such a sweet alternative to the overly touristy straw hats that flood the market.

    If you’re into decor, the range of lamps might excite you . Colourful ones or the neutral beige ones, the variety doesn’t stop at the typical chandelier lamps that hang from the ceiling. You’ll spot ones you can plonk on a table, use by your bed, place on your bedroom wall and they start at a mere INR 350. Just spend some time inside and you’ll realise that you can unearth a lot of gems here at throwaway prices. 

    The most obvious finds at Cane Craft include the cane furniture and shelves but if we were you, we’d focus on the more offbeat things. We loved the one off flower baskets from the North East that hung on one of their cluttered walls and the range of placemats and table runners.

    What Could Be Better

    The shopkeeper wasn't feeling particularly chatty so he preferred to show us our options silently. 


    If you stay in the sunshine state and doing up your home on a budget, they have a catalogue for you browse through dining tables, sofas, beds, diwans and more for personalised orders. They cater to office spaces as well.

    The shop remains open through the week between noon and 9pm.