This Charming Goan Homestay Has Lots Of Heart & A Resident Donkey


    We know that you’re holding off on Goa plans till November, but we found a homestay that might persuade you to go sooner. There’s so much going on at Olaulim Backyards and, thankfully, none of it is typically Goa.

    Animal Farm

    Run by husband-wife duo, Savio and Pirrko, Olaulim Backyards is located on the ‘other side of Goa’ in Olaulim village, North Goa. Instead of beaches, the property is surrounded by fields, foliage, hillocks and rivers. Both Savio and Pirrko are avid travelers and, having laid down their roots in Goa, wanted to create a beautiful home that was removed from the city’s touristy beaches.

    Together, with their two children, the couple runs Olaulim Backyards and invites guests to experience a different Goan holiday. However, you’ll be hosted by a few other members of their packed family as well. Three dogs {Max, Shibu and Laku}, a cat {Richard Parker}, a donkey {Mantra} and two goats {Billy and Lilly} – these friendly, four-legged homestay owners will make your stay even more memorable.

    Room For Everyone

    There are four different cottages, nestled in the backyard of the property, each one perfect for a different kind of traveling party. They’re all made from locally-available materials like bamboo, coconut wood and palm leaves, there’s plenty of sunlight that filters in and their easy-breezy because they’re air cooled. As you may have guessed, every effort is made to reduce the impact of the construction and maintenance of these cottages on the planet – solar paneling for hot water, eco-friendly lighting & the use of biodegradable cleaning agents.

    Each of the cottages has a distinct, lovely feature; take, for instance, the newest cottage Indian Pitta Cottage. There’s a lake-facing sit-out area and a small garden in the bathroom! Tarrifs start at INR 4,000 and can go up to INR 8,500 during peak season.

    Long, Idyllic Days

    We love the location of Olaulim Backyards – it’s secluded, yet Goa’s famous beaches are only a 30-minute drive away and, while we’d spend our time by the pool with a book, there’s lots to do in and around Olaulim.

    Canoeing, cycling, bird-watching & fishing can fill your {holi}days; walk to the top of a neighbouring hill and, if it’s rainy weather, you’ll be treated to the sight of dancing peacocks!

    Other things to do include checking out the famous, fresh water springs in Pomburpa {these have never run dry} and hitting up Goan night markets.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Hit ‘pause’ on everyday life and check into Olaulim Backyards for home-cooked Goan fare, washed down with a bottle of King’s beer, and an unhurried holiday experience.