Drink, Dance & Make Merry: The Famous Goa Carnival Is Almost Here

Rene posted on 29 January

2 Mar 2019 - 5 Mar 2019

2 Mar 4:34 AM - 5 Mar 5:30 PM

What's Happening

The Goa Carnival is an annual celebration in the state that fills the air with fun and festivities. It's a four-day extravaganza, happening from March 2–5 this year. 

Planned right before Lent, the festival is intended at getting everyone together and celebrating before the period of abstinence takes over Goa’s catholic households. Started as a local tradition that dates back hundreds of years to the Portuguese times, the carnival has now become a major tourist attraction with a lot of people planning a trip just to be a part of this grand party.

For everyone who likes to see Goa’s good-natured party spirit, this is as local as it gets to understanding and enjoying the culture and traditions of the state. The streets of major cities across Goa like Margao, Mapusa, Panjim and more come to life with revelry going on all night. There’s often feni and food involved and lots of singing and dancing.

Villages around the state also witness one-act plays that have been an integral part of the carnival and this is accompanied by music and dance. The parades that take over the streets have floats and activities that are very Mardi-Gras like in their vibe. 

How's The Venue

The venue isn't fixed and celebrations take over nooks and crannies of Goa. 

Price Includes

Nothing. The festival is free for everyone to enjoy and partake in.

Make A Note

The parade on day one takes over Panjim and it’s a great place to look at floats, clowns, fire dancers, singers, artists and performers.

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    2 Mar 2019 - 5 Mar 2019

    2 Mar 4:34 AM - 5 Mar 5:30 PM