India's First Hemp Craft Gin Is Here From Goa And We Can't Wait To Try It Out

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What Makes It Awesome

"To gin or not to gin" is never the question. Owing (big time) to the craft gin sector, we can now experience unique, plant-based gin that are locally produced. Which is precisely why our excitement knew no bounds when we came across India's first hemp craft gin, GinGin. 

While the journey of gin in India dates back to the period of colonization, its resurrection is quite recent. The usage too has evolved from being purely medicinal to now serving it in the form of exciting G&Ts. An idea 'bottled' inside the brains of a 24-year-old Shubham Khanna, the juniper infused spirit is all set to launch in Goa soon. This made-in-India brand is a single shot vapour infused spirit consisting of nine locally sourced botanicals - Himalayan Juniper, Coriander Lavender, Rosemary, Caraway Seeds, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Butterfly Pea Flower and Hemp. Being produced in small batches, Khanna uses the otherwise time-consuming process of single-shot distillation to ensure the quality with every batch. Apart from being intrigued by the inclusion of hemp (which is not the same as marijuana, just BTW), what arrested our attention was the fine glass bottle with light demarcations on the side, nothing too loud. You'll know exactly when to restock. 

Each bottle is going to priced at INR 999 (say what!) and will be available only in the Goan market. We can already taste these out-of-the-ordinary botanical flavours and are positive that this will be our next favourite Sunday drink. 


GinGin will be available in Goa by the end of July. Don't be bummed though, they will expand to Delhi and Maharashtra soon. Until then, let's keep those cocktail recipes ready!