This Farm Stay In Goa Is Secret Heaven! It's Not On The Map & It's Got No Name

What Makes It Awesome

A drive down South Goa’s gorgeous winding roads led us to a small village called Bollo. With a fair warning that we’d be better off with waterproof shoes, we grasped the full story behind this only once we got to the spot. We were asked to park our car and walk through a gurgling river in a field, and a 3-min walk led us to a secret cabin in the woods.

This farm stay lies In Velim, South Goa, in a quiet, green valley. One look around and you’ll see nothing but green meadows and some odd village homes going about their daily life. This slice of mountain life in Goa is actually fit for a peace-loving family of four or folks looking to tune out. With the sounds of nature, traditional home cooked food and a plunge pool that gets water from the natural springs nearby, we can’t think of any other place that’s this rustic and this serene.

The stay belongs to chef Avinash who runs the show at Cavatina restaurant in Benaulim. So far, the property has been kept super private with only friends and family making occasional picnics, BBQs and mini getaways. Sometimes, when Avinash is around, he loves to whip up a meal and make everyone try his homemade Feni infusions. At other times, the family’s trusted caretaker, Sebastina, who lives nearby, is happy to bring home-cooked meals and clean up after you.

This two-bedroom stay isn’t lavish by any stretch but indulgent in a way that it lets you enjoy nature in its raw form. The balcony is perfect to soak in the sound of the birds through the day and hear crickets and watch fireflies at night. There’s no wifi or TV and nothing to distract you from staring at the fields for hours or reading till you feel like walking around the valley.

The open bathroom with beautiful bamboo plants and sunny skies is perhaps one of our favourite things in the house (also the most luxurious?). There’s a living room, a kitchen and a balcony space and natural plunge pool. We’re also told that the spring water is known for its healing properties and people will vouch for its ability to make you feel totally rejuvenated after a swim and a good soak.


Avinash is super picky about who can holiday at his farm but if you’re a nature-lover who respects and loves the tranquil vibe of the place, rest assured he’d be happy to let you stay for 12k a night (all meals included). You can call him up at 8805258277.

Also, if you're someone who likes being out and about, you'll need a vehicle to get around as there isn't much to do nearby aside from going on walks.